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blood2k 12-17-2019 13:41

Logging admin commands alternative?
Hey there,

I've switched from admin.sma (That has the built in admin logging) to a different admin loader, for SQL loading.

I'm looking to log admin commands now since the original admin loader had a built in system, this admin loader does not.

Any ideas? I've done some searches here and finding things from 2010... that are outdated completely.

Would it be easy for some1 to code up a simple admin logging plugin that would log into amxmodx/logs/ daily? like the original method?

I know it's kinda counterintuitive but.. I dont plan on using the original admin loader

fysiks 12-17-2019 22:33

Re: Logging admin commands alternative?
It would probably be best to edit it into the one you're using now. It would be a bit difficult to make another plugin that would need to know the internal workings of your new admin plugin. The other downside of trying to make a plugin to do this would be that you wouldn't actually be able to log the result of the submitted commands (which is generally the most important part of logging commands).

blood2k 12-18-2019 14:13

Re: Logging admin commands alternative?

Is this something that I could get help here with? I can leave my loader source code here? :)

fysiks 12-18-2019 21:14

Re: Logging admin commands alternative?
That is what this forum is here for. I might not do it myself but maybe someone will if you post it.

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