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BulgarianPL 07-06-2019 18:10

Re: [CS:GO] Custom Ranks [05/11/2018]
Is there any way that it would work on Multi 1vs1?

Sancruz 12-19-2019 17:29

Re: [CS:GO] Custom Ranks [05/11/2018]

Is there a Option to disable the Ranks on the Tablist? Because i would like to use it on 1v1, the arenas in the tablist are not looked at.

paulo_crash 06-08-2020 12:31

Re: [CS:GO] Custom Ranks [05/11/2018]
Could someone make it compatible with Levels Ranks, or some similar plugin that already is?

Billyedz 06-26-2020 19:53

Re: [CS:GO] Custom Ranks [05/11/2018]
could someone transform this system if rank for danger zone mode? top wins and top kills rank
top kills knife
please searched a lot and found nothing related anywhere

thekings4fun 01-16-2023 14:54

Re: [CS:GO] Custom Ranks [05/11/2018]
would it work with gameme?

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