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nisam_ja 03-23-2011 05:19

Re: Ghost after death
will stick to this one =)

[cro] [ser] (croatian , serbian)
MENU_HEAD = Zelis biti duh?
MENU_NO = Ne!^n^n
MENU_ALWAYS_YES = \r[Uvijek Da!]
GHOST_SUICIDE = Duhovi su vec mrtvi!
USER_ALIVE = Mozes samo ako si mrtav!
USER_GHOST = Vec si duh!
ROUND_END = Runda je zavrsila!

Gam3ronE 03-23-2011 18:56

Re: Ghost after death
It works now but the models are normal human ones, maybe because of zombie plague 4.3 mod installed so is there a way to fix it? The chat is blocked, maybe add cvar to choose if you want to block chat or not. If everyone chooses to be a ghost the round doesn't end.

ConnorMcLeod 04-04-2011 01:36

Re: Ghost after death
From NumB post :

Originally Posted by MPNumB (Post 1443763)
I don't think I'll use this plugin, but you may want to make sure, that ghosts cannot use buttons or pull objects.

Next posts have been moved on there :

zzzzzjames 04-11-2011 00:35

Re: Ghost after death
known bug
when u go as a ghost and then the next round u spawn back as a normal person
you dont have a crosshair why is this?

kam3n1tza 07-21-2011 04:32

Re: Ghost after death
Може ли някой да ми го преправи плугина, като убиеш някой човек да му се показва душата(череп) как излиза и само до там, без да има дух, който се разхожда из мапа и го виждаш. Просто да бъде черепчето като ефект убиеш ли някой противник. Снимка за добиване на представа:
_____________________________________________ _________________________________________

Can someone give me it forges plugin and kill someone to show his soul (skull) released and how it went, without a spirit that walks around and sees Mapa. Simply be the effect of skull trinket kill someone opponent. Photo to gain insight into:

sevrajol 07-29-2011 09:02

Re: Ghost after death
after players transforms in ghots ! target disappears for 1 round ! What is the problem ! Fix it please

claudiuhks 07-29-2011 13:21

Re: Ghost after death
PHP Code:

public strip_user_weap(id){

Can you make sure the player can't disconnect in this 0.1 seconds?

PHP Code:

public fw_TakeDamage(victiminflictorattackerFloat:damagedamage_type){    
is_user_connected(attacker) && is_ghost[attacker])


PHP Code:

if( attacker 33 && is_ghostattacker ] )


Do not change the 4th parameter because isn't needed, there's same values!
Also, why did you need the damage type and the damage value?

Arkshine 10-07-2011 18:39

Re: Ghost after death
Redundant. It exists already such plugin and your plugin doesn't seem to offer something new/customizable. Also, it appears your plugin has some issues and you have done nothing to fix them.


popilas 06-28-2022 13:43

Re: Ghost after death
any one can do only ghsot after death? without choose and 3d

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