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sslice 10-24-2005 20:39

PsychoViewer 1.2
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This plugin was originally made to allow players to view PsychoStats without getting out of the game. This extended into a plugin that lets you add your own web-based functionalities, such as searching google.

First, install it like you would any other SourceMM plugin.

Then, take a look at addons/psychoviewer/cfg/links.ini and configure accordingly.


// PsychoViewer Links Configuration
//        Here you add URLs along with a keyword for players to browse with
//        Variables: {name}, {steam}, {id}, and {text}
//        Example line: google{text}
//        This would allow players to type "google counter-strike" and search the web
//        for "counter-strike"


Download from the attachments below, or from a FileFront mirror.

FlyingMongoose 10-24-2005 20:52

very nice, I bet some people have been looking for this

nbigdog2000 10-25-2005 11:05

good job, but will this work on the upcoming release of Psychostats 3?

FlyingMongoose 10-25-2005 11:13

I tried compiling a linux version of it...apparently I suck w/ linux, oh well, I don't have a *nix server anyway, I just was trying to be nice.

sslice 10-25-2005 17:06


Originally Posted by nbigdog2000
good job, but will this work on the upcoming release of Psychostats 3?

If it doesn't, I can always release a quick update.

jerinx 10-25-2005 20:00

Is this require psychostats?

sslice 10-25-2005 20:01


Originally Posted by jerinx
Is this require psychostats?

Yes, this requires PsychoStats (not a stand-alone statistics system).

jerinx 10-25-2005 21:20

Where can i get it?

FlyingMongoose 10-25-2005 22:34

geezer 10-28-2005 11:37

nice but its already built in to mani plugin

An example follows on how to use a token to access your psychostats information in the webshortcutlist.txt file


When a user types ‘stats’ from within the game, the web shortcut will be translated to
The steam id will of course be the player who invoked the command.

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