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V10 08-04-2013 13:44

[L4D2] Away
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Its copy of another plugin by ivailosp, but only for L4D2 ( )
While you play in VS you can't take a break aka "go_away_from_keyboard", so this plugin enable you to do so.
Notice: Please put l4d2_away.txt into addons\sourcemod\gamedata

Cvars: (config in sourcemod/l4d2_away.cfg)
l4d2_away_announce (0|1, def 1) - announce !away command to clients
sm_away - (!away) You go away and bot take your place(if you are survivor)

- Initial release.

Thanks to:
ivailosp - for original plugin.

See also other my extensions and plugins fixes 8+ bugs:
- [L4D2] Infected Fix Spawn
- [L4D2] Defibrillator Bug Fix
- [L4D2] Upgrade packs BUG FIX
- [L4D2] 8+ players Bug Fixes

disawar1 08-30-2013 21:56

Re: [L4D2] Away
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L4D1 Away

ivailosp plugin outdated and doesn't work since 2010!

So, basically I've removed game checking from V10 version and found l4d signatures. @V10 You can also attach my version since its support both games.
I don't test it much but seems like plugin doesn't conflict with spectator slots and infected team. Of course I have no doubt that some bugs will be discovered.

If you don't have idea what this plugin do, check this out.
Attachment 125065
(versus gamemode sreenshot)

kem008 12-29-2013 09:00

Re: [L4D2] Away
very buggy if the game do it default !away wont work

Sev 03-03-2014 16:53

Re: [L4D2] Away
Is there any way this can be updated so you can define an x amount of time before it automatically makes the survivor go idle just like it does in coop? Or is that not possible in VS?

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