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The Specialist 11-29-2006 00:06

Cut The Right Wire!
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This Plugin will make a CT choose a wire when defusing. Either black or red . If you choose the wrong wire then you explode, If you get it right then you can start to defuse again . The wire is choosen randomly at the begining of the round . All talk can be turned on so CT's can discuss which wire to cut . This doesnt work for bots yet.

Requires Amxmodx 1.76b

Modules Required :

Bugs : None Runs Perfectly No Run Time Errors

Works For : Czero And CStrike

ctrw_switch "1" Turns it on 0 is off
ctrw_alltalk "1" Turns All talk on during defuse 0 is off

Versions :
0.1 - First Release(Tested And Works)
0.2 - Added Cvar For All Talk(Tested And Works)
0.3 - Now Skips Bots Completly(Testes And Works)
0.4 - Added Mulit-Lang Capabilty(Tested And Works)

Installs Like all other plugins, place the right_wire.txt file in your amxmodx/data/lang folder

As usuall AnyIdeas Are Welcome

Next Versions Will Include :
Support for Bots
Mulit-Lang Support

Langauges Supported :
French (Thanks To Arkshine):up:
Dutch (Thanks To Peanut:up: )
Spanish (Thanks To Skater Boy:wink: )
Polish (Thanks To Trawiator:shock: )
l33t (Thanks To Twilight Sazuka :up: )
Sweedish (Thanks To DoomBringer :up: )
German (Thanks To AdeE :wink: )

Idea By Tinlab And NemisisDelta

soccdoodcss 11-29-2006 00:07

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
Sounds like an amazing plugin!! I just started scripting, it seems like much fun, but sounds like this one was a great idea. I will test it for sure.:up:

The Specialist 11-29-2006 00:09

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
Thanks it works really nicely in game. :wink:

bonafide 11-29-2006 00:11

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
Make it for counter-strike pleassseeee sound good though GJ

The Specialist 11-29-2006 00:12

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
It works for counter strike also . lol

soccdoodcss 11-29-2006 00:15

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
Yea, if its compatible with cz its compatible with cs.
Once again, great idea.

The Specialist 11-29-2006 00:19

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
yeah cz and cs have the same commands. if it works for cs it works for cz . :wink:

bonafide 11-29-2006 00:24

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
lol thats the 3rd time u told me :D

The Specialist 11-29-2006 00:30

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
hopefully I dont have to tell you again lol jk. Go Try it!:up:

10Stars 11-29-2006 00:41

Re: Cut The Right Wire!
Can you release a version that doesnt turn all talk on, no one ina ny of my 32 slot servers would care what their team thinks.

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