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rx1983 10-09-2018 14:29

unknown csdm_equip.amxx bad load csdm_write_cfg
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I had problems at the time of updating csdm and leaving old custom plugins

unknown csdm_equip.amxx bad load in CSDM2 2.1.3c-KWo CSDM Team running

Load fails: Plugin uses an unknown function (name "csdm_write_cfg") - check your modules.ini.
how to fix this error:

:arrow: plugin: csdm_equip.amxx 2.1 is not compactible in csdm 2.1.3

changed version (csdm_equip) ...

:arrow: csdm_equip.amxx 2.1.3d is not compactible in csdm_main.amxx 2.1

recommendation update csdm_main.amxx and csdm_equip.amxx to 2.1.3


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