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Had3s99 09-05-2019 19:37

Slow request query

I've problem about my sourcebans, i've the version 1.6.3 and the loading of the banlist is very slowly (6-7seconds) to load the page how i can fix that ?

I've debian 9, php 7.3, mariadb on my server and i've fix memory_limit to 1024M;

Do u've any idea to help me ?


BIGDRAGON 11-01-2019 21:40

Re: Slow request query
Same, im using ubuntu 14.04. I could really use some help with this! I have around 1400 bans in the list

anonym93 11-05-2019 06:00

Re: Slow request query
I don't know how slowly is run to you guys... but for me is very faster. 1sec and page is loaded.

RumbleFrog 11-05-2019 12:12

Re: Slow request query
Your post does not help the problem with concern and is an unnecessary bump. Everyone's installation is different.

With that being said, currently, the submission table is presently not being correctly indexed, which leads to slow loading; this is on top of if you have an improperly indexed ban table.

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