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Syturi0 09-12-2016 08:20

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
Fix the video, or add some more screenshots.

Cool plugin btw.

TFCDRDEATH 12-24-2017 19:10

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
do you happened to have a version for TFC?

Marinovv327 06-10-2021 09:43

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
I tested the plugin and I'm half really impressed! In fact, there are a lot of unnecessary things that I don't like, such as the grenade and knife models. The Christmas tree of terrorists is hellishly big and disappointing! For counter-terrorists, I'm really impressed with the Christmas tree, but I don't like the pulsing light. It would be more pleasant for the light always to shineand constantly changing its colors. The console command cl_weather is ,,SlowHacking". Only if the tree of counter-terrorists could be separated into a new plugin would it be an incredible plugin for any type of server. :P

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