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zmd94 12-26-2015 23:40

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
I mean its size. Is it possible? Or we need to create new sprite for it?

wickedd 12-26-2015 23:44

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin

Originally Posted by tuty (Post 2376491)
it's already set at max value on cl_weather.

What do you mean? Because cl_weather is client side.


Originally Posted by zmd94 (Post 2376704)
Or we need to create new sprite for it?

Yes. IIRC Connor started working on a plugin for it but never finished it.

tuty 12-27-2015 10:21

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
Wickedd if you read the plugin and image with the menu, if the user agree to set weather for him, plugin sets cl weather to max value 3. Read

klippy 12-28-2015 11:46

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
But the server shouldn't be able to modify client's cl_* cvars, a client should just ignore it.

tuty 12-28-2015 12:29

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
wise ass, you have the option to ignore it. stop spamming with non-sense if you did not read the entire long post

Mordekay 12-28-2015 15:45

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
tuty please read here before insulting other members.
Since the latest updates clients that set cl_filterstuffcmd to 1 block most if not all commands from the server that try to set "cl_*" cvars.

tuty 12-28-2015 20:58

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
And? Plugin works anyway :) Why you all chat nonsense when you dont even have a clue how this plugin works. Test it first then chat nonsense

Mordekay 12-29-2015 05:58

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
I took the time and tested it.
If i have cl_filterstuffcmd set to 1 your plugin cannot change cl_weather cvar for me.
I get the allaround known errormessage in the console "server tried to send invallid command blabla.

HamletEagle 12-29-2015 06:44

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin
With cs_filterstuffcmd 0 it works, the menu is still welcome. You can try to query cl_filterstuffcmd cvar, if 0 show the menu, if 1 tell them to manually do the settings.

KleinMarquez 09-12-2016 05:48

Re: AIO: Winter Plugin

But the video dosen't work for me, just it says the video is unavailable.

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