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nineteeneleven 07-25-2013 20:29

Donation Control 3.1.0 [over 1000 donations served!]
3.1.0 is out!

This is aimed at people who use Sourcebans to assign custom flags for donor perks.

  • Automatically add/remove donors from Sourcebans.
  • Automatically fetch donors Steam IDs (with Player Analytics plugin).
  • Will accept any form of Steam ID. (community url, community name, STEAM_x:x:xxxxxx)
  • People can also donate for other players.
  • Automatically calculate expiration dates
  • Full Admin control panel where you can edit users, enter users manually, search for users, ect.
  • Email you when users have donated.
  • Email thank you notice to donors.
  • Automatically refreshes admin cache on all servers you have connected to sourcebans!
  • Small widget to put on your front page
  • Top 10 and previous months donors widget
  • Multi language support
  • Custom Chat Colors support. allows donors to choose their chat color and name color during checkout.
  • Allow donors to log into the panel, and change their colors at will. (optional)
  • Unlimited donor groups.
  • Bootstrap for the admin section and donate.php
  • per-group minimum donation requirement.
  • Configurable date format
  • Optional Expiration email reminder to donors
  • Terms and conditions area on main donate page

Demo Site

user/pass demo/demo

PHP 5.4 with PDO. (use 2.1.5 if you dont have the MySQL PDO driver)

Install instructions


Heres some screenshots of the set up.



This thread

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FlyingMongoose 07-26-2013 02:01

Re: Donor Control
Nice work, I hope you get a chance to turn it into an SB2 plugin ;).

nineteeneleven 07-26-2013 19:13

Re: Donor Control
Sb2 should be easy, but I'm gonna wait for the public release.

Trosty 07-26-2013 19:33

Re: Donor Control
Awesome man:) thanks. I will take it tomorrow and i want to make a design for that page an i will publish here...

iHacked 07-26-2013 20:43

Re: Donor Control
Would be awesome when you add PayPal support.

nineteeneleven 07-26-2013 20:49

Re: Donor Control
I started on PayPal today.

Also I fixed a bug that caused repeat donors to get an error.

Trosty 07-27-2013 07:28

Re: Donor Control
you will release paypal support this weekend?

nineteeneleven 07-27-2013 10:52

Re: Donor Control

Originally Posted by Trosty (Post 1999764)
you will release paypal support this weekend?

More than most likely, im 90% though it.

but I must say... PayPal sandbox, sucks.

Paypal will be fully automated and require no input from an admin.

nineteeneleven 07-27-2013 19:24

Re: Donor Control
PayPal support added in V1.3!

If you find any bugs let me know, because I will be using NFO donations.

I did test it in sandbox pretty thoroughly.

When using PayPal. It is 100% automated.

ReZy 07-28-2013 02:42

Re: Donor Control
Err.. How do you add this? No expertise in HTML, CSS, FTP, or anything related to websites (actually just a little..) So do you mind assisting me in this?

Steam: hijacker252
Skype: vengancezero

If you can.

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