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Lindseymr7 01-17-2012 22:10

Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
Hi guys, so I'm working on a SourceTV project for my masters degree at school that will add some features and enhancements to it and since counter strike source has such a good bot system in place that allows me to test the additions I make without needing live testers I opted to go with that.

Consequently without having access to the source code I came across metamod and have been reading the tutorials and documentation on getting started. One problem I seem to be having however is I want to test either the sample or stub example projects that are included in the source code but upon trying to launch my dedicated server with the compiled dlls as a new plugin the server will either crash (stub) or throw a bunch of errors about missing shutdown functions (sample) and then close.

Is there any documentation or advice you guys can give so I can get a base case established for my project? I already have visual studio set up and the examples compile correctly. Thanks alot!

EDIT: oh and before anyone asks, I have tried setting the output to HL2SDKOB and HL2SDKOBVALVE with no success.

Lindseymr7 01-25-2012 06:15

Re: Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
BUMP: so I'm getting some funding for this project, I'd be happy to paypal someone some tutoring money in exchange for helping me get this thing working for my dedicated server. Help is needed badly!

Lindseymr7 01-26-2012 17:20

Re: Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
Just an update, thanks to dvander (the writer of the sample plugins), I was able to figure out the issue. I was using the wrong sdk, anyone trying to make a new CSS plugin these days should use the hl2sdk-ob-valve Reverse-engineered plugin SDK for CS:S/TF2/DOD:S which can be found here:

As of now the sample plugin compiles and loads up without crashing! Yay now I can leap into the actual coding lol :p

pimpinjuice 01-26-2012 18:24

Re: Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
Let me know if you need any assistance. Seems like an interesting academic approach.

Lindseymr7 01-26-2012 18:40

Re: Help getting started with a CSS SourceTV plugin
I may need it yea, as it stands I plan on redoing some aspects of how SourceTV shows players and their engagements, for example instead of locking a camera to a player as they move, have a camera path generated from the players movements and have a trailing chase cam, and in another case have the plugin determine the best framing for a camera placement that can watch 2 (or more) players engage each other in battle.

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