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addons_zz 10-09-2016 15:03

Re: Grenade Trail

Originally Posted by Navidad (Post 2460667)
I copy the file in the plugin folder and write "grenade_trail.amxx" in the plugin.ini . And does not work can someone tell me why?

Can you tell us why it not work?

If you have access to your game server's console, type the following in the server console:
  1. version
  2. meta list
  3. meta version
  4. amxx list
  5. amxx version
  1. Paste here the entire result from the *version, *cvarlist, *meta list, *meta game,
    *meta version, *amxx list, *amxx cvars, *amxx modules and *amxx version commands.

If you don't have access the your game's server's console, join your server and type the
following in your game console:
  • rcon_password "your_rcon_password"
  • rcon version
  • rcon meta list
  • rcon meta version
  • rcon amxx list
  • rcon amxx version

See here how to copy from the Windows Terminal Prompt:

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