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godlike 01-22-2007 13:18

Re: Grenade Trail
Is it possible to make a rainbow color trail?

loren28 01-22-2007 14:10

Re: Grenade Trail
yes make font rainbow but let color to be thesame randlomly.if u trow greanade to be whit rainbow but font of rainbow to be blue or red just like older that u make but just to have rainbow included:)

avenger_ansh 01-28-2007 21:35

Re: Grenade Trail
Definately a better version than AssKicR's plugin. Tx jim_yang.

And yes rainbow trails sounds cool :)

iclassdon 04-15-2007 18:07

Re: Grenade Trail
Yes, there are other plugins with the same concept. The default option nades specific is awesome. I have also tested out AssKicr 05-17-04 and the nade trails begins after the nade is thrown with a 1 second delay not "sexy". Thanks jim-yang this is definitly what I have been looking for.


ali_zkz 05-05-2007 05:25

Re: Grenade Trail
THIS plugin is better than the old one
so +karma

hugz` 08-07-2007 13:20

Re: Grenade Trail
How do I change the colors of the trails.. I tried using the rbg color board and changing the numbers.. but it didn't work..

Flashes white
Smokes blue
Explosives red

bKj 09-23-2008 17:49

Re: Grenade Trail
Can you change the colors?

Arkshine 09-23-2008 17:55

Re: Grenade Trail
Change yourself. Cvars exist for that. See the first post. ( grenade_he, grenade_fb, grenade_sg )

bKj 09-23-2008 18:06

Re: Grenade Trail
Is there a command to make it stay.
So you don't have to keep doign the cvars everytime
like on server.cfg or anything?

Exolent[jNr] 09-23-2008 18:30

Re: Grenade Trail
Put them in addons/amxmodx/configs/amxx.cfg

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