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Pepperoniego 04-24-2021 17:34

Force FakeClients to Attack
Hello, I'm trying to make fakeclients crouch and shoot when I type .attack in chat, It only works randomly after I type the command a lot of times (at least >20). Anyone knows how to fix this?

PHP Code:

bool g_BotCrouching[MAXPLAYERS 1];

//function called in .attack
stock bool ForceAttack(int clientint index = -1) {
int bot GetClientBot(clientindex);
  if (
bot 0) {

Action OnPlayerRunCmd(int clientintbuttonsintimpulsefloat vel[3], float angles[3],
int mouse[2]) {
  if (
client && IsClientInGame(client) && IsFakeClient(client)) {
    if (
g_BotCrouching[client]) {
buttons |= IN_DUCK//this works
buttons |= IN_ATTACK;
    } else {
buttons &= ~IN_DUCK;
buttons &= ~IN_ATTACK;

Action Timer_ShouldAttack(Handle timerint serial) {
int client GetClientFromSerial(serial);
g_BotCrouching[client] = false;

Im using splewi's csgo practice mode fakeclients btw

Pepperoniego 04-26-2021 00:31

Re: Force FakeClients to Attack
I have found the problem, every time I spectate the fakeclients they make the animation of pulling out their weapons, however after switching back and forth to first person many times they dont make the animation anymore, and thats exactly when the bots can shoot with my command.

This explains better:

Does anybody know why is this happening?

kadet.89 04-26-2021 14:55

Re: Force FakeClients to Attack
There are 2 puppet mods available somewhere here for CS:S servers. You cold try them, if they work for CS:GO, you could copy the implementation of shooting from them.

Pepperoniego 04-27-2021 12:31

Re: Force FakeClients to Attack
Still taking several minutes until they stop making that animation, its like they were switching weapons or didnt have a weapon at all.

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