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Heisenbird 04-08-2018 09:05

Metamod API V2
hi, i have an error when i start the server

This is it:
plugin api 15 is newer than internal version (11)

Does anyone know how can i fix it?
I think i should use metamod api v2 but i can't find it (I think the name of file is "metamod.2.ep1" , im not sure)

If anyone has this, please send me (Just Windows Version)


Fyren 04-08-2018 09:12

Re: Metamod API V2
The error means the MM:S plugin you're trying to load was compiled against a newer version of MM:S than you installed. You do not pick which binary gets loaded, just follow the MM:S installation instructions.

What's the output of version and meta version when run on your game server? Which plugin are you trying to load?

Heisenbird 04-08-2018 10:03

Re: Metamod API V2
Thanks for reply Fyren

I've sent a private message for you

if anyone has the metamod.2.ep1 for windows send it please

if you can all the metamod api v2


Fyren 04-08-2018 10:14

Re: Metamod API V2
If your game is actually on the episode 1 engine (or older), then the MM:S plugin you're trying to load will probably not work without making changes to the source and recompiling it.

Heisenbird 04-08-2018 10:40

Re: Metamod API V2
so what can i do?
wich sm and mm:s i must use?

did you read your private massages?
the source can't recompile

do you know..this plugin work's on linux server grate.. also with but it's for linux
can you help me to do this in windows?
ican't change the source code do you want to send it for you?

Heisenbird 04-08-2018 16:44

Re: Metamod API V2
Thank's for helps i solved this problem
after solving this i must use dhooks and sdkhooks
i think dhook have not problem but sdkhooks have some problems :|

the error is : unable to load extension "sdkhooks.ext" : failed to setup entity listeners

when i delete the dhooks.ext i don't have error
but i need dhooks and i must use it and i can't delete it

can anyone help?

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