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[Solved] HLstatsX player trend graph off-center
Hello, I have a fully working install up and running however, the player tend graph seems off-center and a part of the text gets cut off. Any help regarding the placement of the image would be very much appreciated.

Example: 01-09-2021 09:24

Re: HLstatsX player trend graph off-center
Okay so I figured it out after spending an entire night into the noon hour bashing my head against a wall. Basically, everything you need to edit is in the trend_graph.php in the root of the web folder. That was the culprit.

And to deal with the issue with the text was as easy as adding
HTML Code:

style="background-color: white"
to the existing code in the playerinfo_general.php because apparently the text create when the graph is generated has transparency for some reason...?

Also I have taken the liberty of creating a new repo exclusively for the web side of hlstatsx if anyone is interested in it.

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