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LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 10:17

[Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
I have attempted to unban somebody and it won't allow the process to complete - it shows "Permanent (Unbanned)" but still blocks the player from joining the server due to still being banned;

I've tested the banning function for my own account and removed my admin and it worked fine...
however when I attempted to remove a specific person's ban from both the webpanel and/or rcon & in-server command... the process works and the entry is removed from the webpanel [I'm assuming the problematic one has been removed from the database but I haven't actually got access to it].

The strange thing is that in "deleted_user.cfg" the entry which has been removed from the database still exists; I attempted to manually remove it from the above file and when it resyncs... it appears back in the file again.

I believe it's either an erroneous entry in the database resyncing back to the file
the file is somehow being updated via another means or method that I'm not aware of.

as an additional note the player in question's steamid was imported from the old list and the import errored and the script needed to be amended to allow the import to complete... I'm not sure if this is relevant... but adds to the possibility of a database entry corruption of some sort... but currently unable to check since I haven't got direct access to the database.

Any help would be appreciated,



LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 14:33

Re: [Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
I think I read somewhere on this forum that sourcebans are cached somehow...
I don't suppose someone could explain this process to me or give me any idea of how to purge / check the cache?

guess I'll check the install files for clues for now...

LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 17:08

Re: [Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
Well managed to find what entry in the database it was prior to being deleted...
attempted to delete it again via url injection etc. and it actually after a few attempts said it was successful...
however the entry it said it deleted was blank with no name or steamid on the confirmation on the webpanel...
I think this hints that the entry on the database is blank or the key was invaild and it showed as a false accepted for whatever reason...

in short same issue as mentioned before but I'm not convinced it's still in the database... awaiting the head admin to check the database for possible issues but he's away at the moment... all I know for certain is that something is readding it during a sync periodically and yet even if the "banned_user.cfg" entry is removed the player can't enter because he's still considered banned by the server and in a short time it's back in the file anyway.

LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 20:18

Re: [Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
Last post I'll write unless someone responds but... I decided to click the "export permanent steamid bans" option on the web panel and the one I've removed isn't on the list, but continues to reappear in the "banned_user.cfg" once it resyncs. This makes me feel as if sourceban is working correctly, just something is not removing that specific steamid... but anyway.

LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 21:25

Re: [Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
I think I've resolved it... just need the player in question to join the server.

I think what was happening was that the server was holding the permanent bans in memory and rewriting it
every map change or when the server restarted. For some reason the server when requested to unban didn't remove the entry and rewrote it back to the file.

All I ended up doing was via rcon:

listid (which listed all the stored banned user's in memory)
removeid STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXX (which removed the steamid from memory)
writeid (which wrote the current list in memory to banned_user.cfg)

If confirmed should hopefully close this soon.

LeonhartM47 06-17-2021 21:51

Re: [Sourceban++] I can't unban a permanently banned person
Yup the above resolved the issue.

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