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FaDe 07-11-2010 02:58

[REQ] TF2 Premium
Ok, so hopefully some of you are familiar with &'s TF2 premium mod.
Myself and a friend are looking for this plugin or one that actually works with all of the features that saigns & nighteam have.

I'm very aware that noodleboy or whatever did a plugin that's similar, however, it's missing quite a few of the features of the actual plugins & I also read that it spews out errors like no other.
Any chance someone has this plugin and would be willing to throw it my way?
If so then reply here please.

FaDe 07-12-2010 00:56

Re: [REQ] TF2 Premium
I know the way they have theirs set-up ruins the server but I wanna get the plugin and change the cvars to my liking to make a balanced server that gives a little more to the donors.
Nothing too much.

pheadxdll 07-12-2010 01:14

Re: [REQ] TF2 Premium
It's a private plugin, can't really expect them to give it away. I've done a premium plugin for a client in the past. It's a lot of work - has like 30+ benefits..

FaDe 07-12-2010 19:49

Re: [REQ] TF2 Premium
Not necessarily expecting anyone to "give" it away.
I'd buy it if they'd sell it.
The people at Saigns don't reply to contact emails though & nighteam refuses to sell it under any circumstances.
I've also made contact with another clan who has their own version that's similar. Still waiting on a reply from them.
We'd like to get this as soon as possible though.

Mnkras 07-14-2010 17:12

Re: [REQ] TF2 Premium
like 90% of that can be done using tf2items reading from a mysql DB

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