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Twilight Suzuka 01-22-2006 08:29

Client Side Metamod
Ever wanted to have real control over a clients HUD, to set up actual games for dead players to play, to just screw around with the client for a while?

With Cl_metamod module, this will be a reality.

cl_metamod works by injecting a .dll into the clients memory, then hooking it, just like a hack. Once hooked, the .dll sends/receives information to and from the server through a variety of methods, mostly commands (slow but reliable).

When cl_metamod module functions are used, all clients will be forced to use cl_metamod, and will be disconnected if they do not run it, in a fashion similar to CD.

As it is an injection type method, it qualifies as a hack, and thus your server cannot be VAC secured. Making a VAC secured server with this module will result in a crash, to protect players.

This project is a three step process:
1. Injector
2. Injected .dll
3. Server-side receiver

Currently the first step is completed, and may be downloaded below.

The injector serves as a relay, waiting until the mod of your choosing starts, then injecting the .dll into the mod in a reliable fashion.

The .dll hooks the right things and relays info to the server side receiver, and receives info from it.

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Hawk552 01-22-2006 10:33


Is this the same as the one on the bottom of the metamod page that's MIA?

BAILOPAN 01-22-2006 13:54

lol, and I thought this thing had been lost to the ages from VAC


PM 01-22-2006 13:56

does this run on linux :idea:

Twilight Suzuka 01-22-2006 17:30

Hawk: Yes

BAIL: Lost but not forgotten! ^^

This is the injector, for clients. Currently, it is windows only. The module which will accept signals from the client will be both win32 and linux.

If I can find the right code for the injector and the injected .dll, I will port it to linux, but I don't know of TOO many linux HL1 clients.

Twilight Suzuka 01-23-2006 13:02

Update: I added an automatic loading sequence to the loader.

This means you can define, in a file, the dll you want to inject, and the window you want to inject it into, as well as an backup .dll, in case the first one doesn't inject properly.

The file is: injector_config.ini

And you put these in it:
#inject_window <window>
#inject_dll <dll>
#inject_auxdll <auxdll>

All other lines will be ignored, thanks to AMXx for the strbreak function ^^

Also, I've found that the library this uses is entirely windows, and that there is no way to port it to linux, so I will have to make an entirely new loader for linux clients ^^

cybermind 01-23-2006 19:06

Is this [based off] the original cl_metamod, or is it your own concoction?

Twilight Suzuka 01-23-2006 20:13


Obbin 02-04-2006 16:13

Wow! :up:

v3x 02-04-2006 17:50

Usage examples? err.. :?

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