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DA 03-27-2008 14:19

Timeconfigs V1.1
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Timeconfigs V1.1 new

This plugin allows you to start configs over a special time. With this plugin you can easily realize mapcycles over night or other maps at day as over night...

tc_execute 1/0 Default (0) on/off - Execute the config instant

/* * *     Timeconfigs V1.1 by DA * *      Create a sconfigs folder in your config folder and place your configs there. *     Create timeconfigs.cfg in your config folder and copy this in it. *     *     stime=hh:mm               (23:00,18:45,13:22)                                                - The time who should the config start *     etime=hh:mm               (24:00,19:00,14:22)                                                - The time who should the config end *     sday=day/date (montg/day) (monday,tuesday...,all)(08/25, 03/14, 12/24)     - The day when the config to be loaded *     eday=day/date (month/day) (monday,tuesday...,all)(08/25, 03/14, 12/24)     - The day when the config to be unloaded *     sconfig=sconfig.cfg     (hellocitty.cfg,config_monday.cfg,timeconfig.cfg)    - The config who should be load *     econfig=server.cfg            (server.cfg, blablubb.cfg)                    - The config who should be load if the date or the time ist over *     * *     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *     Example1: The new config starts Today at 23:00 and stops on the next Day at 08:00 o'clock. After 08:00 the new config is "server.cfg". * *     stime=23:00 *     etime=08:00 *     sday=all *     eday=all *     sconfig=tuesday_config.cfg *     econfig=server.cfg *      *     Example2: The new config starts Today at 18:00 and stops on August, 25th at 20:00 o'clock. After 20:00 the new config is "server.cfg" * *     stime=18:00 *     etime=20:00 *     sday=all *     eday=08/25 *     sconfig=mydaylieconfig.cfg *     econfig=server.cfg * *     Example3: The new config starts Today 2 minutes after this plugin starts and stops on Tuesday at 08:00 o'clock. After 08:00 o'clock the new config is the old config before this. * *     etime=08:00 *     eday=Tuesday *     sconfig=mynewconfig.cfg *     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *     CVAR's: *     tc_execute 1/0            Default (0)  on/off - Execute the Config instant * * *     Tested on homemachine and Linux Root. Amxx and Metamod v1.9p32 *     *     NOTE: econfigs goes to configsfolder/sconfigs/ * *     Thanks goes to Striker, x0R, JustinHoMi, BigBaller * */

NOTE: I have add a rar file where are some examples. If it's to hard for you download this package.
Feel free to ask me if you need help.

Modules required
#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>

Special thanks
Special thanks goes to Striker for the Idea and to x0R, JustinHoMi, BigBaller.

DA 03-30-2008 15:04

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Plugin is updated. You can now run configs over days, weeks and month. I hope it's a little bit usefull.

dangerix 04-07-2008 09:39

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Can you update the plugin, so one can use any console command, not only "exec example.cfg"?

I'd really appreciate it, since I've been waiting for a plugin like yours for quite some time now.
However, I could create configs with the CVARs I'd like to execute.

Anyways, I've really been waiting for a good scheduler. Good work, gonna test it!

DA 04-07-2008 09:47

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1

Originally Posted by dangerix (Post 607731)
Can you update the plugin, so one can use any console command, not only "exec example.cfg"?

hmm. I really don't know what you mean?
Can you explain it a bit more?

dangerix 04-07-2008 10:44

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
For example, I wish to run my server with mp_timelimit 30 all day long, but in the night. In the night I'd rather like to use mp_timelimit 15.
I just want to execute a single console command at a specific time, not a whole config. Of course I could simply execute a config with your plugin, but that way I'd have to put a LOT configs in the server's cstrike folder - just for executing a single command at a specific time.

sconfig=mp_timelimit 15
econfig=mp_timelimit 30

DA 04-07-2008 11:47

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Edit: hmm. I think I will add this with the new version...

rory535 04-10-2008 22:27

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Im a little confused on the folders.
If my sconfigs file is "daylight.cfg", that goes in my configs/sconfigs/ folder.
If my econfigs file is "server.cfg", where do I place that file? Same folder as above?

DA 04-11-2008 08:54

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Yes. Read my first post. :)

rory535 04-11-2008 11:36

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
Ok, it doesnt seem to kick off my configs when I restart the server.

this is my timeconfigs.cfg


I have a /configs/sconfigs folder. In this folder is my serverday.cfg and server.cfg file.

My serverday.cfg file is basically a copy of my normal server.cfg file with the additional line


mapcyclefile      "mapcycleday.txt"
My purpose is just to run a different map during the day.

When I restart the server, it starts the normal "mapcycle.txt" file and NOT the mapcycelday file.

deejay87 04-11-2008 11:55

Re: Timeconfigs V1.1
héhé i have to read this more than 1 time , cause it's confused for me too with the folder:)
If i understand :
sconfigs = xxx.cfg (you take the configs in the folder sconfigs)
econfig = xxx.cfg (you take the .cfg on the base of game cstrike or czero)
True ?

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