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Gam3ronE 02-11-2011 20:09

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by HoLLyWooD (Post 1406713)
upload resourses to your server.

No. I fix it and update in the end of week. Now work days =(

It doesn't crash the server... (which is what you think) Actually I said the client just can't join... this doesn't work.

Dabb 02-12-2011 10:34

Re: Ghost after death
nice plugin i will use on my server
ro translation

MENU_HEAD = Vrei sa devii o fantoma ?
MENU_NO = Nu !^n^n
MENU_ALWAYS_YES = \r[Intotdeauna da !]
GHOST_SUICIDE = Fantoma nu se poate sinucide !
USER_ALIVE = Disponibil doar pentru jucatorii morti !!
USER_GHOST = Ai devenit o fantoma inainte !
ROUND_END = Runda s-a terminat !

NucL3ra 02-12-2011 19:47

Re: Ghost after death
Dabb -- "Vrei sa devii" is the correct grammatical form.

Dabb 02-13-2011 06:32

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by NucL3ra (Post 1413930)
Dabb -- "Vrei sa devii" is the correct grammatical form.

my mistake , i was tired :D

oglop 03-12-2011 04:27

Re: Ghost after death
1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Whazza (Post 1411555)
fixed pls crosshair


Originally Posted by Jurij (Post 1412748)
when a new round start, the crosshair dissapear..please fix it

same request please!

plugin is holly NICE

EDIT: I fixed by this way
write_byte( 1<<0 | 1<<1 | 1<<3 | 1<<4 | 1<<5 ) //| 1<<6 )
I erased crosshair hide, here is my .SMA

Stressful 03-15-2011 00:24

Re: Ghost after death
you mean u erased that ?

write_byte( 1<<0 | 1<<1 | 1<<3 | 1<<4 | 1<<5 ) //| 1<<6 )

Abes_Ziomal_PL(Poland) 03-19-2011 02:45

Re: Ghost after death
When we fly in the wall (deep), camera stops. It's necessary to fly an open area
And add of ammunition for this USP/Glock (12/0 change to 12/12)
BTW nice plugin ;)

grimvh2 03-19-2011 17:26

Re: Ghost after death
not bad, cvar for rendering? less visible, color?

primojkoo 03-21-2011 18:23

Re: Ghost after death
to serve in the police and not terrorists?

gui1porpis 03-22-2011 00:03

Re: Ghost after death

MENU_HEAD = Torne-se um fantasma?
MENU_NO = Nao!^n^n
MENU_ALWAYS_YES = \r[Sempre sim!]
GHOST_SUICIDE = Fantasma nao pode suicidar-se!
USER_ALIVE = Disponivel apenas para os jogadores mortos!
USER_GHOST = Voce se tornou um fantasma antes!
ROUND_END = Rodada esta acabado!
Great plugin, but you could make it better, add a sound when it is a ghost might sound emet holding the key to use. Ai think, would not have much flooding by players emetic sounds? yes. But this could have a time limit for x and drop the sound when you hold the use that has the effect of plant or defuse the C4 when it finishes loading will sound.

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