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s3rserii 01-31-2011 04:56

Re: Ghost after death
srry double post..

NucL3ra 01-31-2011 07:34

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by s3rserii (Post 1403619)
it that possible to make a pligun lik yours that if you die you are like a normal player on the map but invisible you cant block the player if they are alive but the oder death player can see you too and the death player can see the alive player andy thay can walk in a semiclip mode throuth the player..
to make tricks and have fun in the time where u are death..

sorry for my bad english :/

If that's what I said earlier, bite me.

HoLLyWooD 01-31-2011 12:09

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by Dr. Pastout (Post 1403241)
On event_round_start
You should give weapon knife and maybe if there on t spawn them also with a glock or if on ct spawn them with a usp just so that they have a weapon at spawn

Updated 1st post.

GANGSTA_ 01-31-2011 14:40

Re: Ghost after death
But the ghost can kill you? I want this plugin for HNS..

HoLLyWooD 01-31-2011 14:44

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by GANGSTA_ (Post 1403939)
But the ghost can kill you? I want this plugin for HNS..

no. Ghost can`t kill

ANTICHRISTUS 01-31-2011 16:03

Re: Ghost after death

Originally Posted by HoLLyWooD (Post 1403941)
no. Ghost can`t kill

if the ghost can't kill, can you make it emiting some sounds, and doing some movements with the hands ? and can you reduce its speed too ?
cause it will be a wonderful plugin if some nice features will be added :up:


USER_ALIVE = Available only dead players!
do you mean this ?

USER_ALIVE = Available only for dead players!

MENU_HEAD = Voulez vous devenir un fantome?
MENU_NO = Non!^n^n
MENU_ALWAYS_YES = \r[Toujours oui!]
GHOST_SUICIDE = Le fantome ne peut pas se suicider!
USER_ALIVE = Disponible uniquement pour les joueurs morts!
USER_GHOST = Vous etes devenu un fantome auparavant!
ROUND_END = La partie est termine!
GHOST_IN_SAY = (Fantome)

naXe 01-31-2011 16:46

Re: Ghost after death
Translated into Polish

MENU_HEAD = Chcesz Zostac duchem ?
MENU_NO = Nie!^n^n
MENU_ALWAYS_YES = \r[Zawsze tak!]
GHOST_SUICIDE = Duch nie moze sie zabic!
USER_ALIVE = Dostepne tylko dla martwych graczy!
USER_GHOST = Stales sie duchem przed!
ROUND_END = Runda zakonczona!

HoLLyWooD 02-01-2011 12:54

Re: Ghost after death
updatet 1st post.

add cvar.
add languages.

TzK 02-02-2011 03:51

Re: Ghost after death
Wich admin flag do you need to have ghost? Searched throught plugin and don`t find it : /

HoLLyWooD 02-02-2011 03:58

Re: Ghost after death
you fit it?

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