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EKS 12-20-2004 22:51

Mirror Damage
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Mirror damage
This plugin mirrors damage on friendly fire servers.

Modules required: fun

Q) Can i use this plugin on a lan server?
A) No.

Ops in #AMXmodx @ Quakenet for alot of help ( + AssKicker & CheesyPeteza )

UPA_Brawler 02-12-2005 13:38

i use ur plugin but when i use it on my dod server it dosnt load it says this when i put it in debug

09:04:44: [AMXX] Invalid event (name "damage") (plugin "mirror_damage.amxx")
12:06:54 L 02/12/2005 - 09:04:44: [AMXX] Native error in "register_event" on line 23 (file "phpA4wdaO.sma").

EKS 02-12-2005 13:46

Use compiler on this website and not whatever you used.

UPA_Brawler 02-12-2005 13:48

i did i re downloaded the plugin in sma and compiled it and i still get that error on my server

UPA_Brawler 02-12-2005 14:10

do u know what the problem is because people i always kill me with friendly fire and its pissing me off if u can figure what is wrong please let me know i am using linux and amx 1.0 dedicated :o

EKS 02-12-2005 14:26

I allready told you recompile the plugin.

The problem is the compiler period. ( As you can see from the filename it referes to. The acutual error is that the compiler somehow manged to make every letter lowercase )

nightscreem 02-12-2005 14:27

it's only fun requierd
cool i will download now i can turn friendly fire on

UPA_Brawler 02-12-2005 14:33

i did recompile it and it still comes up i have the fun mudual on and its not working

UPA_Brawler 02-12-2005 14:37

12:52:11 L 02/12/2005 - 09:50:01: [AMXX] Invalid event (name "Damage") (plugin "mirror_damage.amxx")
12:52:11 L 02/12/2005 - 09:50:01: [AMXX] Native error in "register_event" on line 23 (file "phpqsQERF.sma")

TotalNoobScripter 02-12-2005 14:40


I'd try compiling with the amxxsc program. That treats me better than the web compiler; but hsi plugin worked for me both on-line compiling and amxxsc.

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