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zambonie 03-31-2004 20:56

how do u disable stats in amx cause its disabling statsme.

BigBaller 03-31-2004 21:09

you make no sense

you mean how do you enable stats?

Well in the modules.ini and the plugins.ini it is suggested that you remove anything that has to use stats if you are using StatsMe.

zambonie 03-31-2004 21:22

i did all that and i even deleted all the stat.amx and all that from server.

zambonie 03-31-2004 21:27

; AMX Mod X plugins

; admin base (required for any admin-related)
; admin base - MySQL version (comment admin.amx)
; basic admin console commands
; help command for admin console commands
; slot reservation
; front-end for admin menus
; command menu (speech, settings)
; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)
; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server
; console chat commands
; displays a scrolling message
; displays information messages
; displays motd @ client connection


and modules
; AMX Mod X Modules; You can specify both linux & win32 modules here
;;Use i686 instead of i386 to use glibc2.3 optimized binaries

; Fun - This has extra functions for "extra" stuff

; Engine - This has engine functions core to half-life

; MySQL - This adds MySQL connection support

; Counter-Strike - This adds functions specific to Counter-Strike


Bikini 03-31-2004 23:00

Isnt it possible you just type amx_statscfgmenu in your console ( while in your game ) and mark them all as off? :?

DoubleTap 04-01-2004 00:05

Why anyone with any sense would run StatsMe when CSStats is better and integrated I dont know... You will need to remark (and your example seems to have done it) all the stats calls from CSStats, it should be disabled...

Ask a smarter question, we can give a smarter answer...

Using BOTH would more likely then not cause duplicate entries for Stats... if your StatsMe aint working it is most likely because you installed that incorrectly...


Show me something that StatsMe does better than AMXX, and I will prove you wrong...

zambonie 04-01-2004 15:52

first statsme was working before i installed amx and y is csstats better then statsme when most servers use statsme???

zambonie 04-01-2004 15:55

if i just have cs stats can u do the /rank and stuff like that and will it announce headshots and all of that.

DoubleTap 04-01-2004 16:08

Yes, all that is in AMXX...

The reason StatsMe is popular is because it's rarely updated (Like AM) and server hosting companies have the idiot guide to server setup packages...


INFaMouS 04-01-2004 16:13

Exactly. Most of UA's products are useless and/or superceeded by AMX. AdminMOD itself is superceeded by AMX. CSStats has the same if not more functions than Statsme, and uses less CPU.

(I never miss out on UA bashing :))

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