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SchlumPF* 06-28-2009 08:57

MapFinder by SchlumPF
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MapFinder by SchlumPF

This plugin will allow you to easily search for a map in your "maps" directory while being ingame. You can search for a given pattern where the plugin will list all founds which could match your query. When you have found your map you can change the map directly (if you are an admin with the permission to change maps) or nominate it if you either use Deagle's Map Management or Galileo.

First of all, compile the sourcecode binary since the webcompiler seems to have some problems with this plugin (size is more than 1mb :O). After that, put the amxx-file into your "amxmodx/plugins/" directory and add it in the "plugins.ini" which is located at "amxmodx/configs/". Also add the txt-file in the "amxmodx/data/lang/" directory.

"/mapfind <pattern>" and "/findmap <pattern>" where <pattern> is a part or the whole name of the map. If you use "*" as pattern all available maps will be listed.

mapfinder_minchars "1" - minimum amount of characters of the pattern, the values "0" and "1" will disable this


06/28/2009 - v1.0
!: Initial release

06/29/2009 - v1.1
+: Added multi-lingual support
-: Removed the character-check

06/29/2009 - v1.2
+: Added '*' as special pattern to show all available maps


[en] SchlumPF
[de] SchlumPF
[nl] crazyeffect
[fr] arkshine
[ro] dorin2oo7
[ru] xPaw
[pl] berix
[es] xjose93
[bg] GmTx

To disable the support for Deagle's Map Management and Galileo, compile the sma-file localy and comment line 5:
PHP Code:

//#define DMM 

xPaw 06-28-2009 09:04

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF

Arkshine 06-28-2009 09:09

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
Adding ML would be nice.

crazyeffect 06-28-2009 09:11

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
Yeah! (Adding ML)

Cool plugin

Why chat_print and not client_print?

xPaw 06-28-2009 09:13

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
its color stock, watch end of plugin.

crazyeffect 06-28-2009 09:18

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
Ohh yeah, sorry,

Didnt noticed that :D

GmTx 06-28-2009 10:04

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
GJ :) This is what i looking for

vato loco [GE-S] 06-28-2009 15:59

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
finally you release some of your plugins on Allied Modders hehehe :mrgreen:
cya :wink:

B3n 06-28-2009 18:54

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF
I've been using Enhanced Map Searching for a while, how is this different?

SchlumPF* 06-28-2009 19:34

Re: MapFinder by SchlumPF

Originally Posted by B3n (Post 859632)
I've been using Enhanced Map Searching for a while, how is this different?

- the author seems to visit this forum very rarly (i can support my plugin)
- my code looks more simple than his :X
- mine uses the latest functions amxx provides like dynamic arrays which makes mine user-friendly, his only supports a predefined amount of maps
- mine uses a menu to show all available maps/maps which could amtch the query, his uses a motd or the console which are harder to use imo
- with mine you can also change the map or nominate a map (if you use either dmm or galileo), with his you simple search for available maps

updated to v1.1, see the mainpost for more information

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