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Ilusion9 05-16-2020 13:21

[CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
Crash id: WOZK-Q4C5-KBOY or PKAE-63PO-V7XF
I can't find anything relevant in the crash report.

Ejziponken 05-16-2020 15:29

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
There was an CSGO update on the 11th and 13th. Maybe thats causing it.

Edit: There is an optional CSGO update. Servers are probably crashing because they dont have this.

version : 1107/7852 secure

Ilusion9 05-18-2020 04:53

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
So the crash happens only on one map (on my server): dr_yellow_fred_v2. I think there's an entity that causes the crash.

asherkin 05-18-2020 08:18

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
Your server ran out of memory.

Make sure your SourceMod version is up to date.

Ilusion9 05-18-2020 17:47

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)

Originally Posted by asherkin (Post 2700847)
Your server ran out of memory.

Make sure your SourceMod version is up to date.

It is.
I removed that map and no crashes. 100% there's an entity that causes the crash.

Update: still receiving crashes.

Ilusion9 05-23-2020 05:09

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
after 3 days, crash on dr_death. 3 days ago crash on the same map (dr_death). I will decompile these maps to see whats wrong with them.

Franc1sco 05-23-2020 20:11

Re: [CS:GO] Server Crash (new exploit?)
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I have the same crash log, if you press on "view Raw" probably you will see "***** OUT OF MEMORY! attempted allocation size: 1048718 ****" like me, but I dont see something related to a sourcemod plugin on the thread crashed.

So I created a plugin for dump sourcemod handles during the time and keep the latest dump log before the crash and also log all the new entities created for see if is something related to the map.

I attach the plugin, tell me if you found something, I decided to made it today so I will say too if I found something. The dump handles log will appear on csgo/ directory and the entities created will appear on addons/sourcemod/logs

Btw, for discard some command you have my other plugin too ->

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