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Damizean 07-27-2009 13:20

[TF2] Equipment manager 1.1.8 (05/22/10)
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[TF2] Equipment manager 1.1.8

This plugin allows players to equip custom wearable items (those being hats, armors, or anything the administrator sets in the server) to customize the visuals of the characters. It requires Voogru's patch for player attachments extension to work.

Please remember that with the recent changes in Valve's policy about the usage of their official/promotional content, we do not intend to support their use with this plugin. ONLY USE CUSTOM CONTENT WHEN USING THIS PLUGIN. Otherwise Valve would react to this and completely restrict the creation of custom items. Find more info about it here.

Special thanks to voogru for his hard work on the patch for player attachments extension. Thanks to Sourcemod's IRC channel for the tips, CrimsonGT, and exvel's colors library. Thanks for Sexual Harrasment Panda for beta-testing the plugin on his server and translation tweakings, and everyone else who's contributed with it. Thanks to Zuko for the polish translation.

  • tf_equipment_admin - Only administrators can use the equipments.
  • tf_equipment_admin_flags - Only administrators can use the equipment.
  • tf_equipment_admin_override - Administrators can override the equipment restrictions.
  • tf_equipment_announce - Announces usage and tips about equipable items.
  • tf_equipment_announce_plugin - Announces information of the plugin when joining.
  • tf_equipment_force_admins - Forces the default equipment for admin users.
  • tf_equipment_force_users - Forces the default equipment for common users.
  • tf_equipment_delayonspawn - Amount of time to wait to re-equip items after spawn. To be used with Melee Redux plugins and all that.
  • tf_equipment_blocktriggers - Hides the plugin triggers so they won't be spammed on the chat.
  • tf_equipment - Shows the equipment management menu.
  • equip - Shows the equipment management menu (Alias).
  • em - Shows the equipment management menu (Alias).
  • hats - Shows the equipment management menu (Alias).
  • tf_equipment_equip <target> <name> - Forces to equip an item onto a client.
  • tf_equipment_remove <target> <slot> - Forces to remove an item on the client.
  • tf_equipment_lock <target> <1/0> - Locks/unlocks the client's equipment so it can't be changed.
  • tf_equipment_override <target> <1/0> - Enables restriction overriding for the client.
  • tf_equipment_reload - Reparses the items file and rebuilds the equipment list.
  • Install Voogru's patch for player attachments (REQUIRED).
  • Place the provided files in the zip on the correct folders in Sourcemod.
  • In case of updating, delete the previous files used by the plugin, before placing the new contents.
Adding more items:
  • To add more items, you need to:
    • Edit the /addons/sourcemod/configs/TF2_ItemList.cfg list and follow the same model as the other items, adding the correct flags for each item.
    • MAKE SURE YOU SETUP AN INDEX TO YOUR CUSTOM HATS. This is obligatory since version 1.1.6.
  • To create new items, you'll have to create them through a 3D creation tool (I use 3D Studio Max 2009), and skin the model to the the correct bone (for hats, bip_head, for example.)
  • 1.1.8. -
    • Adapted plugin to work with voogru's extension.
    • Changed body groups calculation method.
    • Included a Pedobear hat as custom hat example.
    • Decreased slot size from 3 to 2. This is due the workaround method used for other players to be able to see custom hats.
  • 1.1.7. -
    • Fixed gamedata to use the latest update virtual offsets.
    • Made a temporal fix to prevent crashes on Windows servers when a spy disguises as another player with a hat created by the plugin. The disguised spies won't be wearing the plugin hats anymore.
  • 1.1.6. -
    • Added support for clientprefs (Individual for each class).
    • Switched to post_inventory_application event to determine when to equip the items.
    • Cleaned up code and changed the variable name convention to the Hungarian Notation. While at it, I've made some fixes here and there, minor things.
    • Setting a item index is now obligatory even for custom hats, needs to be set to one of the values found in the the sample indexes table (configs file).
  • 1.1.5. Quick fix -
    • Fixed error with the flag HIDE_SCOUT_HEADPHONES wich clashed with the INVISIBLE flag, leading to a server crash.
    • Enhanced management to determine the visible body groups.
  • 1.1.4. (Beta too) -
    • Fixed slot numeration so the slot number in the item list corresponds on the menu. Now the range is between 1 to 3.
    • Added support for using other real hats indexes. These indexes are set in order for specific hats appear on the death cam overlay, or activate special features of those hats.
    • Added support to hide special bodygroups (Soldier's helmet, Scout's hat and headphones, Engineer's helmet and Sniper's hat)
    • Added support for invisible hats (for hatless fun).
  • 1.1.3. (Beta) -
    • Changed method to spawn the hats. Now the game identifies them as real hats (specifically, the Batter's helmet). This makes them work more like the real ones, automatically fixes the dead ringer bug and the death bug.
    • Updated gamedata definitions to work with the Classless update.
    • Warning: Some of the new hats hide different parts of the model, probably based upon the hat id. That's not implemented yet, so some of the hats won't appear properly.
  • 1.1.2 -
    • Added team restrictions for the hats, under the key named "teams". Look at the example for more information and update your items list.
    • Disabled shadow rendering to improve perfomance on hats.
    • Optimized the hat creation process to only create & destroy the entity when needed.
    • Fixed commands to target non-alive players too.
    • Added a command to reload item list.
    • Polish translation added, thanks to Zuko.
  • 1.1.0 - Lots of stuff.
    • Rewrote major part of the management for the items.
    • Added support for multiple item slots
    • Support for admin only items
    • Support for class specific items
    • Support for default items to wear
    • Enhanced the menus
    • Added new admin commands
    • Dropped translation support for items. It wasn't necessary.
    • Fixed the resupply glitch and the dead ringer glitch.
  • 1.0.0 - Initial release
Known Issues:
  • When the player dies, on non-drop hat types, the ragdoll hat skin appears as Red. Why? Damn if I knew.
  • The latest update crashes if the plugin runs under Windows when a spy tries to disguise as a player with an EM hat. I've got to try to find a way to make it work fine on both Linux and Windows.
To do:
  • Integrate the functionalities of the admin commands into the admin menu.
Additional info:
To compile the plugin, you'll need exvel's colors library. Compiling it without it (or downloading the compiled plugin) will fail.
I also would appreciate if you left the welcome announcement saying the plugin is available. Thank you.

People using this plugin? Many!
Need more hats? Well, check Zuko's Mega Pack

almcaeobtac 07-27-2009 13:24

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
Only works in TF2?

Damizean 07-27-2009 13:26

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!

Originally Posted by almcaeobtac (Post 883153)
Only works in TF2?

Yes, it makes use of a TF2 specific entity, the tf_wearable_item.

pheadxdll 07-27-2009 13:52

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
Thank you so much! My server's donators will like this. :)

retsam 07-27-2009 16:01

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
Nice plugin man. I had the same idea as pheadxdll. :) +karma 4 u.

Suggestion. Im prolly gonna edit it myself anyways, but it would be better if you had a simpler say trigger imo. sm_tf2_wearables is kinda alot to type and remember. Its fine for a console command, but how bout a simple say trigger. I was thinking along the lines of a trigger like !equip, !hats, or !wearables. Something like that. Just a suggestion..

Bug: It looks like resupply lockers remove wearables just fyi. Is there a way to fix that?

Dragonshadow 07-27-2009 16:35

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
Maybe this could help?

I'm pretty sure either activator or caller is the client.

Taner 07-27-2009 16:35

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
Even though I set sm_tf2_wearables_adminonly 1 and sm_tf2_wearables_announce 0 in my server.cfg, they get reset every map.

It would be nice if we could choose a flag instead of adminonly

Dragonshadow 07-27-2009 16:52

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!

Originally Posted by Taner (Post 883293)
Even though I set sm_tf2_wearables_adminonly 1 and sm_tf2_wearables_announce 0 in my server.cfg, they get reset every map.

It would be nice if we could choose a flag instead of adminonly

in your cfg/sourcemod folder there is a tf2_wearables.cfg
modify the setting in it instead.

retsam 07-27-2009 16:57

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!
They dont get reset every map. Youre doing something wrong.

And there is an announce msg that is not part of the cvar check. Thats probably what youre seeing. I already fixed that in mine.

Damizean 07-27-2009 17:02

Re: [TF2] Wearables for everyone!

Originally Posted by retsam (Post 883271)
Bug: It looks like resupply lockers remove wearables just fyi. Is there a way to fix that?

Yeah, that's listed on the Known Issues. I'll take a look at Dragonshadow's link to see if I can fix that for next release.

Also, for the trigger, SM automatically deletes the sm_ part from the command, so a chat trigger can also be !tf2_wearables.


Originally Posted by Taner (Post 883293)
Even though I set sm_tf2_wearables_adminonly 1 and sm_tf2_wearables_announce 0 in my server.cfg, they get reset every map.

It would be nice if we could choose a flag instead of adminonly

That's because the server.cfg is run before the TF2_Wearables.cfg, you need to configure the second (at /cfg/sourcemod/)

Anyway, what you mean with a flag? Making some wearables admin only through the list file?

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