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krudge137 06-23-2022 09:06

Help compiling.
I'm trying to compile this plugin, and it shows this error even tho I have the necessary files, it's so weird cuz the only plugin I wanted to try has this error, can someone help me with this? or if you can compile it to .amxx and send it to me I will appreciate it, thanks in advance.

OciXCrom 06-23-2022 15:21

Re: Help compiling.
The compiler you're using and the .inc files are in 2 completely different places.

krudge137 06-23-2022 20:17

Re: Help compiling.

Originally Posted by OciXCrom (Post 2782230)
The compiler you're using and the .inc files are in 2 completely different places.

Oh correct! Now it's reading the .inc file, but it's showing me these errors error1 error2, I don't know if it's a problem on the code (which I don't think, I'm probably doing something wrong) or if it's something else, and thanks for your help!

fysiks 06-23-2022 21:07

Re: Help compiling.
You can simply copy and paste the compiler output into [code][/code] tags instead of creating images. It's quicker and simpler for others, IMO.

It looks like you're still having include file issues. Many of the undefined symbols you have shown in the output are defined in standard AMX Mod X includes. The others are part of the include files that come with the plugin.

fysiks 06-24-2022 00:11

Re: Help compiling.

Originally Posted by krudge137
[...] image, if you can just compile it for me I honestly would appreciate it a lot [...]

It looks like it's looking for the file that comes with AMX Mod X 1.9.0+. So, I can only guess that you're probably using an old version of AMX Mod X. According to the GitHub page, you need to be using at least 1.9.0.

So, if you've got the reapi dependency already (which I think you probably do because that comes before json) you should be able to compile once you update your AMX Mod X.

I cannot compile it currently, for some reason my PC (Linux) is having trouble, also, I don't have any of those other dependencies. You'll get it eventually.

krudge137 06-27-2022 22:23

Re: Help compiling.
Hey fysiks, sorry for the late response, and YES you were right about the version I didn't know each version had it's own compiler (what a newbie :c), Now I have no problems compiling any plugin. Thanks guys!

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