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L. Duke 02-15-2006 13:31

VIP Mod (1.0.H) Server Plugin for CSS - 16 June 2007
VIP Mod 1.0.H


What Is VIP Mod?

Old school Counter-Strike players will remember a gameplay mode called "assasination mode" that randomly changed a member of the CT team into a VIP. The VIP player was only allowed the pistol he spawned with as his weapon. But, he also spawned with 200 armor. The misson in this game play style was simple: "Protect The VIP Team!". The CT's were to escort the VIP to a rescue zone to win the round. The terrorists objective was to kill the VIP. If they did, the round ended no matter how many other CT's were alive.

This game play mode, maybe more so than any other, demanded team play and co-operation. It was exciting to play and was a dream for those of you in to tactics and stategies. Unfortunately this game play mode died when Counter-Strike: Source was released. Valve Software didn't include it in the "Direct Port" of Counter-Strike to Counter-Strike: Source.
This server package contains:

- The VIP Mod Plugin System by: L.Duke
- The VIP Model by: small_sumo
- Server Installation Instructions
- Full Readme Credits

- as_arctic by: Vulcan
- as_courthouse by: DjBourgeoisie
- as_crisis by: Kevin Hilton
- as_fleeiraq by: Shaun Amos
- as_italy converted by: L.Duke
- as_oilrig_dj (Sourced Version) by: DjBourgeoisie
- as_oilrig_wk (Remake Version) by: Wheel-Knee
- as_trashedmansion by: small_sumo
- as_vespa by: Forte

Download the upgrade to 1.0.H here:
Full install (53.01 MB)
Update (1.11 MB) [if you have 1.0.C or better]


1.0.H (16 June 07)
- valve update fix
- fixed: server lockup with bots

(3 Dec 06)
- fixed: works with latest Valve update

1.0.E (4 Sept 06)
- fixed: works with latest Valve update
- added: two new functions to support the upcoming map as_recon

1.0.D (12 Apr 06)
- fixed: VIP model not showing up (after Valve player model update)
- fixed: Windows servers crashing on startup (after Valve server update)

1.0.C (26 Feb 06)
- fixed: round time elapsed but round doesn't end
- fixed: map doesn't change when mp_maxrounds is reached
- fixed: map doesn't change when mp_winlimit is reached
- fixed: not always outputting the "Assassinated_The_VIP" log line
- fixed: player who was VIP doesn't have knife/pistol after "mp_restartgame" or Mani Warmup Period end
- fixed: VIP doesn't have VIP skin if player switched from T last round
- fixed: player who was VIP last round sometimes can't pick up weapons
- fixed: VIP still has nightvision if player purchased it the previous round
- fixed: VIP's USP ammo not always set to 12/12 on Linux servers
- fixed: restricted mp5 can be bought with some keybinds
- added: fire vip_escaped and vip_killed events for interaction with other plugins (requested by Mani)
- added: don't choose a VIP if mani_warmup_in_progress equals 1
- added: ignore bots when choosing VIP if human player is on CT and bots are set to defer to humans

1.0.B (15 Feb 06)
- initial release

BAILOPAN 02-15-2006 13:43

nicely done :o lots of people have been waiting a long time for this :)

ps! submit to ;)

Mani 02-15-2006 14:50

Congratulations LDuke, I know a lot of effort has been put into this :)


ichthys 02-15-2006 16:03

Good job on finishing what you started!

nisback 02-15-2006 17:54

GG L. Duke
I was tested dhe mod , he work fine. :)

Steelbone 02-15-2006 17:55

great work guys, i installed it imediatly today... hell we have been waiting for this sooo long...

Server has been packed all night... as_maps non stop 8)

Thnx alot for all your hard work :D

tcviper 02-15-2006 18:15

Great work LDuke, we put local mirrors online including a European server:

lex_talionis 02-15-2006 19:18

Nice work to you and the whole team! HLStatsX is a nice compliment with VIP logging for awards and points too!


imported_supermj 02-15-2006 19:27

Woot!!! Uploading now to my servers!!!

tron73 02-15-2006 20:06

Installed and .....


Nothing more to say!

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