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Mavrick4283 11-23-2012 14:42

HLstatsX:CE News
Welcome to our new home on Allied Modders :fox:.

We are going to be moving all the current Modifications over here and a few of the relevant support topics. This will now be the main forum for HLstatsX:CE support and news.

I would like to thank Psychonic for giving us a home on AM and all of his work on the HLX:CE project. Also a huge thanks to Packhead who has been working on the project scene 2009.

There are still plans for keeping HLX:CE running and up to date. To keep up to date with all of our news please subscribe to this thread to get e-mailed.

Mavrick4283 12-28-2012 02:55

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
I updated the so people with a fresh install will not have to apply the patch. This does NOT effect any thing else.

Mavrick4283 01-04-2013 18:55

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Uploaded the complied version of ALL the superlogs plugins including the source on the downloads page.

EDIT: I was just given access to the repo with all the current code, i am going to be uploading them to AM asap.

Mavrick4283 01-18-2013 08:22

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
So, i decided that I need to keep yall more up to date on the status of the work being done on HLX:CE so i found this cool service in asherkin sig that will allow me to keep my todo list public. Bellow is a link to the hlx:ce to-do list.

Tell me what you think about this, IE if it is a waste of my time or not ^.^

Mavrick4283 01-24-2013 16:00

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Because of the CS:GO update the ingame plugin broke, thanks to Popoklopsi his version will work on all the games currently. Below is a link.

Mavrick4283 02-07-2013 23:07

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Just wanted yall to know that I am shooting to having 1.7 released by the end of the month.

Mavrick4283 04-06-2013 19:23

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Just wanted to let everyone know that because we are doing a ground up rewrite it is taking ALOT longer then we thought but the project is NOT dead by any means. Once we have a working demo i will link it, for now though just bare with us please.

Mavrick4283 05-17-2013 18:08

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Hay, just an update for yall, I decided at the start of this week to dump Perl for our daemon and use python I am currently working on treading for performance, this is a MAJOR change but because I am the only active coder currently and I can code better and faster in python it will be better supported and patched much faster if need be.

EDIT: Just FYI I am writing this in python 3 because TBH I do not rely want to have to rewrite it later on and that is the version I am accustomed to.

Mavrick4283 07-07-2013 16:51

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
So, I am back from a short break needed for me to take care of some things in RL.

I am working on getting the daemon into open beta this week, I will be posting mostly on my Twitter account @Maverick_of_uc about updates

Once we have open beta I will be posting more info on how people can help give the project a much needed boost.

I also wanted to say thank you to Rytis for stepping up and helping support HLXCE on the forums.

Mavrick4283 07-16-2013 18:10

Re: HLstatsX:CE News
Hay, we are looking for someone who can help redesign the database. If any one is able to help out with this and has experience with MySQL database design please PM me on the forums here or ping me on Twitter.

Here is a overview of what we are looking to do

Change all tables from myisam  to innodb (For row locking vs table locking and Foreign key support.)
Create Foreign keys to get rid of all data dups.
Recreate any indexes that were broken due to the new keys.
Help come up with a higher performance layout???

TBH I am not a database designer so past those requirements I do not know what else we might need.

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