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Lucas1984 01-18-2021 06:39

I downloaded an addons of zm 5.0.8 and I made a zombie server I would like to get rid of 3 things that I will show you in the picture from this link : ,
if someone can tell me where it needs to be changed, ps I don't have sma !:shock:

OciXCrom 01-18-2021 07:21

Re: ajutor
1. What is that title?
2. You should never download plugins without a .sma file.
3. How do you expect to change anything if you don't have the source code?
4. What is that title?

z4rk 01-22-2021 05:58

Re: ajutor
Ajutor means Help in Romanian. I think he is Romanian, but I don't understand why the title is in Romanian and the content is in English.

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