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spumer 07-02-2013 14:12

[EXTENSION][L4D2] Left4Fix (2.1.0)
LEFT4FIX "Main Players" belong to the past!

Left4Fix - extension for Left 4 Dead 2 servers with extra player slots.

Key features:

  • Each player earn score points
  • When both teams complete chapter with the same score Tiebreak manager will be started
  • Ghost infected can teleport to each survivor

How it works now, without this extension?

Up to this very moment there was a concept of the "main players" - four players seen by pressing the TAB key. Only those four players could earn points by completing the map. When one of them died, he would no longer bring points in the total score. Even worse if all of them died, points would no longer be achieved. And, at that point, there would be no sense for the least survivors in further travelling through the map.
This problem exist everywhere from the opening of the servers with not standart amount of players. For many people this open a lot of tactical ways. But situation with "main players" is wrong, because except "main players" every team have another players who move on map too. Team should earn walkthrough points from all players, not only from "main players". We take this problem and solve it.

What does the Left4Fix extension do?

After installing this extension on the server, it start calculate walkthrough points from all players, that mean now all players help team earn walkthrough points. Words "main players" go to the past as useless, because now all players are "main players".
This cardinally change current tactic, which based on defense the "main players" and pointless walking over map if all main players is dead. Now every team member are important and each team must make decisions: rescue the player or LEFT 4 DEAD. But don't forget, every left player could earn more points and maybe even survive points.


  1. Copy or left4fix.ext.2.l4d2.dll to addons/sourcemod/extensions
  2. Copy left4fix.sig.txt to addons/sourcemod/gamedata
  3. Create left4fix.autoload in addons/sourcemod/extensions
  4. Start the server

Only versus gamemode supported yet!

Latest Release:
Latest Gamedata:

PS: Sorry for my english, pls report all translations mistakes in PM.

winniethepooh 07-02-2013 18:10

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
This looks great. You might have to recompile this with the latest SM snapshots to work with the just released SteamPipe

Powerlord 07-03-2013 10:57

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (

Originally Posted by winniethepooh (Post 1982194)
This looks great. You might have to recompile this with the latest SM snapshots to work with the just released SteamPipe

Windows version maybe not... but once hl2sdk-l4d2 is updated, the Linux version will have to be recompiled.

spumer 07-03-2013 11:20

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
Yep, i know and wait source/meta mod's release date.
I'm already investigate new library and all should work fine. Just waiting for gamedata-tests-day :)

Martijn79 07-03-2013 13:54

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
Great extension, thanks for your effort this look really good! I'm gonna test it when new metamod is released, can't wait for a coop version as well!

SilentBr 07-03-2013 20:44

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
I was looking for a fix like this since 2 years ago. Now that we have, it doesn't support windows servers. Back to zero...

You really really should consider support windows servers...

spumer 07-04-2013 10:17

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
Windows — may be. Later.

I thinking about coop. And it not possible for dynamic client creation.
But we have one way: base calculations on maximum possible amount of players. Duplicate completion score for non-existent players based on completion of alive players.
Also we have a problem, when user revived in co-op i need delete info about his previous body, but i can't know who revived at this time.

I'm need more tests for create workaround for co-op.

SilentBr 07-05-2013 00:44

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (

Originally Posted by spumer (Post 1983160)
Windows may be. Later.

I can offer my server to test if you want. Please consider the idea of compiling for windows

Martijn79 07-05-2013 10:51

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (
btw does this work on l4d1 as well?

bl4nk 07-05-2013 11:14

Re: [EXTENSION] Left4Fix (

Originally Posted by SilentBr (Post 1983610)
I can offer my server to test if you want. Please consider the idea of compiling for windows

Compiling isn't the issue, it's getting the signatures for the functions the extension uses. It's not easy stuff, takes lots of time, and most will have to be rediscovered after every game update.

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