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Nickelony 12-10-2017 10:01

[ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails) [9th July 2018]
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This plugin adds colorful player trails with special effects (such as Spectrum Cycle, Wave and more).

Source code

  • sm_trail / sm_trails - Opens the Trail Selection menu.
  • sm_hide - Hides other players' trails. // You may want to reset your cookies if you want to use this with a bhop timer.
  • sm_trails_override - Overrides the current admin flag. // Use it in admin_overrides.cfg

  • sm_trails_enable - Enables or Disables all features of the plugin.
  • sm_trails_admins_only - Enables trails for admins only. (RESERVATION Flag)
  • sm_trails_allow_hide - Allow hiding other players' trails.
  • sm_trails_cheap - Force cheap trails (lower quality in exchange for more FPS).
  • sm_trails_life - Time duration of the trails.
  • sm_trails_width - Width of the trail beams.
  • sm_trails_respawn_disable - Disable the player's trail after respawning.


1. Drag and drop trails-chroma.smx into your plugins folder

2. Drag and drop trails-colors.cfg into your configs folder

3. Drag and drop the materials folder into your csgo folder

4. Restart the server.

  • SourceMod 1.8 or above


Kappa123 12-10-2017 11:07

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Nice Plugin!
Can you add the lines to be displayed all the time and in next round and that you could have 2 lines on yourself?


LESTRO 12-10-2017 18:48

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
If you can make it, what Kappa said, it will be perfect, every round you need to write !trails to put a trail, if you can put to display the trail every round it will be very good. Thanks!

vortex. 12-12-2017 15:47

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Cool release!

Nanochip 12-13-2017 11:13

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Great plugin!

Couple of tips/suggestions:
  • You should add sm_trails_override to the main post so that people know what command to override if they would rather a different admin flag having access to the trails.
  • Make it so that players can choose which trail they want to use when they're dead and apply it next time they respawn. (This would be beneficial for arena game modes where you only get 1 life and you're waiting for the next round).
  • Dive into KeyValues to create a config and make it so that server owners can create their own colored trails via the rgb values.

Mitchell 12-13-2017 11:42

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
It bothers me that this is hard-coded so much, even the part which can be put into a few lines is drought out into a bunch of variables and if statements. It's like you've never seen StringToInt()
The menus are terrible almost confusing. Some kind of config would be great. Might fork it but kind of hate the formatting of the code.
It also bothers me that this uses the multicolors include.

zwetch 12-13-2017 13:23

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Nicely made, really like it perfect for skill surf / combat surf!

Nickelony 12-13-2017 17:16

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Thanks for the feedback! I'll update the plugin soon. :)

Silvsilver 12-14-2017 07:26

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Would be nice if the plugin could remember your trail at the round end/when reconnecting.

Nanochip 12-14-2017 13:10

Re: [ANY] Trails Chroma (Player Trails)
Cookies cookies cookies!

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