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DemonSlayer 04-25-2006 21:36

So your saying it compleatly uncaps it? This mod... So its unsetable...

I know I found a little exe that was writen in V C++ that would fix the prob also that took up a lot less space and fixed it.

sslice 04-25-2006 22:24

fps_max still guides it.. I guess it takes a lot less space if a ~20-30 KB difference really matters.

Jasonmr321 05-14-2006 23:01

ok could you like give the information from that link becouse its not working and yes i loged into steam forums and all that becouse i did that before and it worked great but i forgot it and well its not there any more and i need it for my server its still sucks and would love it to be better thanks

JasonDTM 07-22-2006 13:22

Re: FPS Boost
I have a question about this, is there a cap @ 255fps or is there a windows limitation involved? I want my private dedicated to be set 500 fps and its only outputting 255 solid.

DaNN` 07-22-2006 13:25

Re: FPS Boost
max_fps 500 in the server config?

- Dan

sslice 07-22-2006 19:52

Re: FPS Boost
I've found that for some reason, it gives you about half of what you have for fps_max in certain occasions.. try setting fps_max to 1000. Although, I doubt you will notice a difference going from 250 to 500 FPS... just a waste of CPU.

justloco 07-25-2006 21:08

Re: FPS Boost
Does this work on linux based machines? And do i need a dedicated server to make it run over 66 tick ie command line?

tcviper 07-26-2006 05:17

Re: FPS Boost
No this is for Windows only as for Linux there are other things to do to remove the fps limits.

justloco 07-30-2006 20:36

Re: FPS Boost

Originally Posted by tcviper
No this is for Windows only as for Linux there are other things to do to remove the fps limits.

Can u link me to it? I don't see it.

Vawaver 12-13-2006 21:16

Re: FPS Boost
Hi friends,
my SourceMM 1.3d stopped to work past last Valve update and that is why my FPSboost stopped to work too.

I want to ask whether exists standalone version too...not only for MM.

Thank you for replying

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