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Minfas 07-20-2020 18:19

Alt account finder
I don't want to ban players by IP, because tons of them have shared/dynamic IP addresses. Even I would like to ban a player if some alt account is VAC banned. Is there any way to check if player is using same machine as another account?

DexonRL 07-29-2020 16:39

Re: Alt account finder
I dont think that "smurf machine" is something that exists.

But for your knowledge, 2 players with the same ip playing on the same server,
is actually really rare.

if you want you can easily make a plugin that shows player's ip address,
by using GetClientIP()

kadet.89 07-30-2020 14:50

Re: Alt account finder
A way would be to upload a file with steamid to every player (there is an extension for that purpose). When a player connects to the server, download the file back and check the steamid from this file. That can help if the player uses the same game files on all accounts.
There are other ways to distinguish different players by client side key settings (OS, screen resolution...), how player mouses move, player habits. Some players switch weapons more often then others, some press ctrl while shot, some tend to use A and D more often, some have specific binds. There are tons of such small things which can give out any player.

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