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rrduna 04-24-2020 17:01

C4 Rewards
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C4 Rewards

Rewards for players who activate and deactivate C4

Rewards: Rule for terrorists and counter-terrorists:
1. Money:
The plugin will check if the player's current money matches the maximum allowed. If he matches, he will not receive the cash reward that was set at $ 300 by default. But if it does not match, the player will receive his reward in the amount informed. The player is warned by the chat about the two scenarios.

2. Health:
The plugin will check if the player's current health is below the default value, which in this case is 100. If it is below, this player's health is restored. If not, the restoration will not take place. The player is notified by chat in both scenarios, both if it is and if it is not restored.

For events bomb planted, bomb defused and bomb explode there are messages and sounds that will be emitted for everyone. Standard sounds from the sound / djeyl folder.

I like it very much. I hope it will be useful for someone too. I left the sounds attached as well, in case anyone needs it.

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