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thesoilmoose 04-28-2021 12:40

Server mod for Pavlov VR
Hey all!
Iím a huge fan of AMX (Iím not a programmer)! I ran a 1.6 community for years and what an awesome tool and an awesome community of developers and contributors!
So recently I have started a Pavlov VR community. If you donít know, Pavlov is a competitive FPS very similar to, they borrowed a lot from it. Although it is technically still in Beta, it has been around for about 4 years and is fairly polished for the most part client side. But on server side, the admin tools are lacking terribly and the dev team is too busy to address.
I decided to come here to see if anyone here was interested, or knows people who would be interested in making a server mod for Pavlov Vr, and create some tools to help edit some basic server cvars, and maybe some slightly more advanced features.
I am willing to pay towards it, I donít have much but I know communities of games who may be interested in donating to a Patreon.

Is this something anyone would be interested in? Itís a long shot but I figured if anyone would be up to it, some people here might!

Thanks for reading! Iím here if you have any questions!

thesoilmoose 04-30-2021 09:34

Re: Server mod for Pavlov VR
So I do understand this is a sourcemod community, and this was a lot to ask for, as this game is based in unreal engine. At this point I am even just looking for someone who can help me figure out how to inject commands into the server-side beyond the very limited rcon commands currently there.

I guess I dont need a full-blown mod, just a way to help control certain things that I KNOW exist in the server, we just dont have access too.

Anyone able to help? Or at least explain to me how involved this is to make sure I am not asking for the impossible.

Thank you!

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