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pRED* 08-12-2007 04:24

Model Menu
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Model Menu - by pRED*

This plugin provides a menu for players/admins to choose a model and is very similar to the admin model menus provided by mani admin plugin except that it is much more customizable.

To open the menu: sm_models (!models)

It relies heavily on the admin groups feature provided by core sourcemod. Each submenu of models must be assigned an admin group, and for a player to select models from this menu they must be a member of that group.

Group Notes:

Groups are set up in configs/admin_groups.cfg
Players can be a member of multiple groups (in admins.cfg file add the "group" section multiple times)
A group can be defined with no admin flags. This could be useful for 'vip' members that are allowed a special set of models but still shouldn't receive admin privileges.

Users selections are saved to a file so they reload every connect

The menu is set up in a very similar way to 'SM Super Menu' and the attached example config file (models.ini) (set up using a few CS:S models I found on the net) has plenty of comments.

There is also a second config file called modeldownloads.ini. In this you must put references to all other files needed for the models. Mani admin plugin had a similar system except used one file for each model, just copy and paste the contents of these files all into the one if you are migrating. The attached CS:S example shows the needed files for the models.ini provided.

modelmenu.gamedata.txt obviously needs to go in your sourcemod gamedata folder.

0.1 - Initial Release
0.11 - Fixed a possible crash bug and added extra admin checks
0.12 - Added check for no admin group
0.13 - Happy now ^BuGs^?

Peoples Army 08-12-2007 04:36

Re: Model Menu
:mrgreen:good job , you beat me to it . bout time some one released model changer , nice menu feature , over all excelelnt plugin . 2 thumbs up :up:

ill add this to my server tommarow

does this work only with .mdls or all of the source model and texture files (vtf vmp)?

pRED* 08-12-2007 04:38

Re: Model Menu
I've been working on it for a while. Hopefully DoD:S support is bug free now and if not there must be something wrong with the team function in DoD:S

Peoples Army 08-12-2007 04:43

Re: Model Menu
:wink:u know when u call an event , post is automatcilly defualt ? so theres no need to do EventHookMode_Post

pRED* 08-12-2007 04:51

Re: Model Menu
Yup. But it's better for readability (for me anyway) to explicitly define which hook mode it's using.

Kaschenko 08-12-2007 05:20

Re: Model Menu

Peoples Army 08-12-2007 05:32

Re: Model Menu
u think u can add custom weapon model support for this ???

HO!NO! 08-12-2007 14:53

Re: Model Menu
can you add the ability to store setting like quake sound???

pRED* 08-12-2007 16:13

Re: Model Menu
I may have forgotten to mention that. Your model settings (both ct and t) should be saved into a file so you always get the same one until you choose another

f64 08-12-2007 16:51

Re: Model Menu
Much improved from the beta, good job!

For DoD:S, there is still an issue: The model is getting set for a group the player doesn't belong to. Example:


    "Admin Only Models"
        "Admin"        "Senior_Admin"
            "Basic Admin"
                "path"        "models/player/admin/amer_admin_v1.mdl"
            "Basic Admin"
                "path"        "models/player/admin/germ_admin_v1.mdl"

I then added myself to the Member_Admin group in admin_groups.cfg, but I still got the Senior_Admin model,
even before I typed say /models! I did get informed though that I don't have access to that model.
I tried using the admin_simpli.ini then admins.cfg to no avail.

DoD:S is strange, I know :mrgreen:

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