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vato loco [GE-S] 03-26-2009 12:13

Auto Restart Round
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Auto Restart
Version 1.4

Original Plugin By
Request by aLeK.DzVeR

This Plugin Is Usefull To Prevent Fast Connecting Players
From Earning Money In the First Round, For The Second Round.
So They Won't Have A Advantage Of Money To Other Players.
All Player Will Be Forced To Start With The Same Amount Of Money,
After Round Restart.

  • Shows Restart Time Countdown in the Hud
  • Game Started Hud Msg
  • Vox Sound Countdown
  • Color Of Both Hud Messages Can Be Changed Via Cvars
  • Position Of Both Hud Messages Can Be Changed Via Cvar
Translations by:
Arkshine [fr]
jab [cz]
DarkGod [sv]
AntiBots [es]
M1R0n,M' [lt]
crazyeffect [nl]
prabalgarina [bg]
SnoW [fin]
OrionWarrior [pt]
BeAfraid [pl]
EastSider [ro]
satanovsyn [sk]
vato loco [GE-S] [en]
vato loco [GE-S] [de]
Thank You Guys :wink:


amx_autorr_enable <0/1> [Defaut 1] Enable Or Disable Plugin
amx_autorr_cds <0/1> [Default 1] Enable Or Disable CountDown Sound
amx_autorr_time <Time> [Default 40] Set The Restart Time In Seconds
<R G B> [Default "0 255 0"] Set color of CountMsg
amx_autorr_start_color <R G B> [Default "0 255 255"]
Set color of GameStartedMsg
amx_autorr_xypos <X Y> [Default "-1.0 0.25"] Set X Y Position of Both Msg

auto_restart_vl.amxx [Put In] -> cstrike\addons\amxmodx\plugins
auto_restart_vl.sma [Put In] -> cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting
auto_restart_vl.txt [Put In] -> cstrike\addons\amxmodx\data\lang

Change Log

v1.4 Add Cvars For The Count And Start Msg Color And A Cvar To Change  XY Position
v1.3 Add Vox Sound Countdown
v1.2 Fix Bug

crazyeffect 03-26-2009 12:21

Re: Auto Restart Round
Cool :D

Maybe MultiLangual?

vato loco [GE-S] 03-26-2009 12:29

Re: Auto Restart Round
ok will try it to do :mrgreen::wink:

crazyeffect 03-26-2009 12:33

Re: Auto Restart Round
Tell if there are problems

AntiBots 03-26-2009 12:52

Re: Auto Restart Round

M1R0n,M' 03-26-2009 12:56

Re: Auto Restart Round
maybe good plugin, but verry simply.

vato loco [GE-S] 03-26-2009 13:12

Re: Auto Restart Round
i thougt more features as this plugin :oops::wink:
Automatic Restart - Prevent fast-connecters to get money

vato loco [GE-S] 03-26-2009 14:06

Re: Auto Restart Round
@ crazyeffect
ok i have it done mutilangual :wink:
must request translations and then i will update it !:wink::mrgreen:

crazyeffect 03-26-2009 14:09

Re: Auto Restart Round
I can do Dutch and maybe french :P

Send me :D

vato loco [GE-S] 03-26-2009 14:15

Re: Auto Restart Round
that would be nice...thank you :)


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