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Sele 07-16-2020 06:12

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
Yes, CZ still works with it. But it is no different from the other version.

DJEarthQuake 07-16-2020 14:31

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
This should be fixed. Please any other CZ hosts out there, test this as well. All I ask, I know you have been thorough is to please validate the CVARS are in a config file that loads on each map change are not double declared. I've done that hosting countless times. So you have all-or-none CVAR control with bots/admins and not independent controls like it should be? This is not shocking as CZ has built-in bots.

Sele 07-17-2020 09:01

Re: Bad Camper 1.5
I use a script that removes a CZ bot for every human player. The Bad_Camper plugin works for these bots. However, camping is also allowed for the admins if I switch badcamper_bots from 1 to 0. That must not be the case. The bots are allowed to camp. Otherwise they die too often through the Bad_Camper plugin. The admins are not allowed to camp. You must not have any advantage when playing over the other players. The cvars are set in the amxx.cfg file.

DJEarthQuake 07-18-2020 14:47

Re: Bad Camper 1.5
I've tested Bad Camper 1.5 on CZ using Amxx 1.8.2 and it is set up so admins do get checked while bots don't.
There is a CVAR, badcamper_immunity_flags, for which access levels have immunity. If that is set then this could be the reason.

Sele 07-19-2020 03:36

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
I have these settings:

badcamper_bots 0
badcamper_admins 1
badcamper_punish 10
badcamper_sound 1
badcamper_money 10
badcamper_limit 10
badcamper_display 1
badcamper_show_spec 1
badcamper_check_all 1
badcamper_start 4
badcamper_damage_reset 3
badcamper_damage_restart 4
badcamper_health 20
badcamper_allow 0
badcamper_min_players 0
badcamper_announce 0

DJEarthQuake 07-19-2020 08:47

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
Looks fine. Possibly try:
badcamper_immunity_flags ""

Also test the new punishments I ported in from my other works! 228 lights them up, makes a spike on their head to the ceiling and they play the flute in random tones. It's quite amusing actually to heckle the campers. Do not change it on the fly without the commander model for the hologram! It can only catch the file missing on map loads if changed in config file and pause plugin.

badcamper_punish 228

The other thing I can say is I did a clean install and initially just ran this plugin. No other 3rd party plugins. I use server.cfg over amxx.cfg.

"servercfgfile" is "server.cfg"

"mapchangecfgfile" is "server.cfg"

Sele 07-20-2020 03:35

Re: Bad Camper 1.5
I have set badcamper_immunity_flags "" No change.
I tested it on a local server. Switch off all other 3rd party plugins. badcamper_admins 1. Again the same result. As soon as I set badcamper_bots 0, camping for admins is also allowed. Also with the version of "Bad Camper". Always the same result.

DJEarthQuake 07-20-2020 11:52

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
3 mods and 3 servers including CZ with Amxx 1.82. I've never had this happen and nobody else has reported this happening. There isn't anything I can do for you at this point. I explained how mine was set-up with server.cfg. That is possibly the only difference. Do you validate the settings are in effect on the game instead of just look at the config file? That is the only other piece of advice I can give. Have you tested this on other punishment settings?

Al3xandru27 07-26-2020 04:21

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239
Can't I just say that those from ct can't camp? For the furien server.

DJEarthQuake 08-02-2020 13:47

Re: Bad Camper 1.4.239

Originally Posted by Al3xandru27 (Post 2711699)
Can't I just say that those from ct can't camp? For the furien server.

While I am still undecided and there is little demand here is a script that can add an otherwise powerless admin flag so the Terrorist's can camp and the CT's cannot.

#include <amxmodx> #include <amxmisc> public plugin_init() {     register_plugin("AutoTeam UserFlag Control", "A", "SPINX"); //cmd_user_flags from VEN     register_event( "TeamInfo", "event_team_info", "a" );     register_concmd("user_flags", "cmd_user_flags", ADMIN_RCON, "<name or #userid> [flags] [+|-] - gets/sets/adds/subtracts user flags") } public cmd_user_flags(caller, level, cid) {     if (!cmd_access(caller, level, cid, 2))         return PLUGIN_HANDLED     static arg[32], id     read_argv(1, arg, sizeof arg - 1)     id = cmd_target(caller, arg, 0)     if (!id)         return PLUGIN_HANDLED     if (read_argc() == 2) {         get_flags(get_user_flags(id), arg, sizeof arg - 1)         console_print(caller, "User's flags:   %s", arg)         return PLUGIN_HANDLED     }     static flags     read_argv(2, arg, sizeof arg - 1)     flags = read_flags(arg)     read_argv(3, arg, 1)     switch (arg[0]) {         case '+': set_user_flags(id, flags)         case '-': remove_user_flags(id, flags)         default : {             remove_user_flags(id, -1)             set_user_flags(id, flags)         }     }     return PLUGIN_HANDLED } //By request for the Furien mods for badcamper for selective team camping by using otherwise powerless admin flag t. Pick whatever. public event_team_info() {     new id = read_data( 1 );     if(is_user_bot(id))return;     new team[12];     new Player = get_user_userid(id)     read_data( 2, team, sizeof team - 1 );     switch( team[0] )     {         case 'C'server_cmd("user_flags #%d ^"t^" ^"- ^" ", Player)&&server_cmd("user_flags #%d ^"z^" ^"+ ^" ", Player); // CT         case 'T'server_cmd("user_flags #%d ^"t^" ^"+ ^" ", Player)&&server_cmd("user_flags #%d ^"z^" ^"- ^" ", Player); // TERRORIST         case 'S'return; // SPEC     } }

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