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BAILOPAN 12-10-2005 19:23

Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)

This is a port of Botman's Stripper2 utility for Half-Life 1. You can add any type of entity - hostage, spawn point, physics prop, permanently to the map. You can also filter out entities for deletion, either by specific entries or regular expressions. As of version 1.1+, you can also search and modify entities. This new feature lets you replace, insert, or delete sets of properties based on the rules you set.

Stripper:Source lets you define global rules and per-map rules. It also lets other plugins (both SourceMM plugins and Server Plugins) use its API.

Some screenshots are here:
Hostage in de_dust spawn
Removing physics props
Removing physics props 2
Replacing garbage cans with hostages

This may seem cheesy at first but users of stripper2 know how powerful it can be. Personally, I dislike physics objects in CS:S, so I made this to strip them all out on all maps, as well as game objectives for CS:S DM.

There is one console command - stripper_dump - which will write all of the map entity properties to a file in addons/stripper/dump. This is extremely helpful for editing maps.


For documentation and examples, please see:

Source code is available as Free Software:

Freecode 12-10-2005 19:30

Why do u always take credit for my work? <- gaben

BAILOPAN 12-10-2005 19:33

oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that freecode spent a whole 80 seconds making those screenshots ;)

sslice 12-10-2005 20:56

Very nice. 8)

Freecode 12-10-2005 21:01

Finaly someone recognizes my hard, hard work

EKS 12-10-2005 21:31

I was gonna comment on BAILOPAN needing a new GFX card, thats the worst CSS screenshot i have seen.
But i guess Freecode needs a new card aswell

Freecode 12-10-2005 22:15

Wat? My graphic card is good. Click on the hostage picture and read the message :)

Opossum 12-11-2005 08:32

Hmmmmm, I like the idea and I think I'll give it a try :D

imported_davidov 12-11-2005 09:08

works fine with linux
but don't try to load it before cssdm or you 'll get segmentation error at server start

geezer 12-11-2005 10:08

:shock: at first i thought hmmm what can i do with this then after looking at your examples i thought wtf hang on there lets see if i can do sommit with the redundant VIP maps i have with no freakin plugin released yet :P

It's not by anyway perfect as atm am just guessing ;) but i managed to remove the rescue point thats in the map and make the helicopter the new recuse point , then i shoved in a hostage but used the VIP model. Only one freakin problem he cant climb the ladder to get to the rescue zone LOL !

here's part of my as_italy.cfg


"origin" "-584 -1800 -196"
"HostageType" "0"
"model" "models/testvip/vip.mdl"
"angles" "0 89 0"
"classname" "hostage_entity"

"classname" "func_hostage_rescue" // remove rescue point in the map

"origin" "640 2112 256 1024 2368 448,0,-1"  // add new rescue point where helicopter is
"classname" "func_hostage_rescue"

Not sure if it will work as he cant climb the ladder :P am open to suggestions,help etc... and dont say JUST WAIT ON VIP MOD coz its taking ages since the big people got involved :P

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