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Lionheart 08-04-2019 19:56

CS:GO Zombie Escape
Is there any plugin for this mode ? I tried to search but i didnt found something..

I played on some ze servers and i saw how they use a zombie class plugin (fast zombie,etc) - zombies who can die, and i believe zombie escape is another plugin.

Do you guys have any idea where i can find a plugin like that ?

Lionheart 08-04-2019 22:27

Re: CS:GO Zombie Escape
Sorry for double post, but this is exactly what i m looking for

I know is a plugin on site but i can t find it .. and i figured out is zombie reloaded because it was an announcement like (i quote) : "[ZR] For help on Zombie:Reloaded commands, type "!zmenu" in chat .

And yeah, the most zombie escape servers have that star wars skin on CT (as default). ->

8guawong 08-05-2019 15:23

Re: CS:GO Zombie Escape

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