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BeG1990 07-31-2019 14:01

Guns/Weapons on round start
Hi together,

i search for a Plugin and i think it already exist.
When a player is VIP in a Level i Set (stamm Plugin) or have a flag he gains for become VIP than He should get a menu würde He can select His Favoriten Weapons and Then every round He should get this Weapons at Spawn for free. IT would bei nice when there ist a command that He can change the selected Weapons. Or an included menu in the stammplugin.

Sry for my Bad english I Hope someone can Unserstand it :D

Have a nice day =]

I found this and that is what i search but anyone can use IT and Not restricted by a flag.

DiogoOnAir 08-01-2019 13:08

Re: Guns/Weapons on round start
Add me on discord or steam.

Darkwob 08-01-2019 16:33

Re: Guns/Weapons on round start

Originally Posted by DiogoOnAir (Post 2661444)
Add me on discord or steam.

bro, I'm looking for the same left 4 dead 2. help me ?

Nexd 08-04-2019 06:01

Re: Guns/Weapons on round start
Still waiting for your reply in discord c:

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