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painlesstgp 07-23-2019 20:03

Hello, need a plugin made that will reset a map every 3 hours, basically

sm_map ""

And also at the same time it will say in chat "Map reloading in" and then a countdown to when its gonna happen every hour.

And also when its reloading "sm_msay Map reloading"

Any interest in getting this coded for me? PM me, and we can discuss the price.


kaiser2nd 07-25-2019 17:28

Re: Restart
Assuming this is in order to mitigate screen-tearing caused by FriendlyChemists crappy mapping skills. Pretty sure NFO, TGP's host, allows you to schedule commands. if that doesn't do the trick for you, there are plenty command scheduling plugins available to do this already.

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