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kidfearless 07-21-2019 15:18

[ANY] Stripper Dump Parser(SM 1.10, V1.8, 2019-07-21)
Since it seems to be pretty stable now I thought I might post this here. I made this since the output info extension doesn't have great linux support. Sourcemod 1.10 is required for enum struct support. The plugin originally required Stripper:Source in order to work but now uses sdkhooks OnLevelInit whenever possible. The only time it will attempt to use stripper is if the plugin is loaded late and the level keyvalues aren't cached. The plugin isn't able to determine outputs that are assigned beyond what the map was compiled with.
  • Description
Stripper Dump Parser is a mostly extension free alternative to slidybat's OutputInfo extension Stripper Dump Parser processes dump files into single like keyvalues containing information relevant to the entities outputs. From there it's processed and cached into enum struct objects that can be accessed through natives and stocks. As part of being an alternative to OutputInfo, all of the natives provided by the extension are available as stocks.

For more information about convars, natives, forwards and usage check out the readme on the github page below.
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