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imafool4u 05-20-2017 18:45

Help with a couple problems
I have recently started my own Fun deathmatch CS 1.6 server and I am having a few errors with it. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated

1. Spawn protection won't disable -- I have changed the cvar for both spawn protection enabled to 0 and the spawn protection timer to 0 but for some reason it remains at 3 seconds and still notifies the clients that Spawn protection is enabled for 3 seconds. Any ideas?

2. Deathmatch revive doesn't work sometimes -- I don't know if it is a server lag problem or what but sometimes people won't get respawned and have to be manually revived by an admin. This problem started recently after I added 5 or 6 new plugins to the plugins list so...

Thanks in advance!


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