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Aquaboxio 05-07-2021 12:14

HL1 Mod Ricochet - Thirdperson

i'm looking for an old file (think a file was needed or 2-3 files.. not sure because 13 years ago...)

Usually the thirdperson view is disabled in HL1 Mod Ricochet but i remember there was a way to play in third person. I can't remember who coded it (maybe God Tony or Mr Miagi f.e.?).
It was clientsided not serversided. Had to put it in my folder and when i wrote:"thirdperson" ingame in console i saw my player model in thirdperson.

Would be nice to be able to play in 3rd person again. Already asked some old players and can't find it anymore since vadavaka is off too now.

Hope someone can help me out. :roll:

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