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JuanMaddox 07-11-2020 08:22

amx_default_access problem?
Hello, I have the following problem. I want all players to get VIP when they join the server. 95% of the time it works. The players who are also VIP in the users.ini also got the flags "bitr". Speed Test essay writer But there are players who still have flag Z and are not VIP. My question is now, what's the problem and how can I fix the problem .... Help?

// Default value: "z"
amx_default_access "bitr"

// Name of setinfo which should store a password on a client (you should change this)
// Note: Always prefix the field with an underscore (aka: "_")
// (Example: setinfo _pw "password")
// Default value: "_pw"
amx_password_field "_ad"

Protocol version 48
Exe version (cstrike)
ReHLDS version:
Build date: 16:51:39 Sep 21 2019 (1988)
game version
ReGameDLL version:
Build date: 10:27:46 Mar 27 2020

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