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Ramono 07-14-2008 12:52

Forward Logging (Developers)
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Like a year ago now I made a nifty plugin I needed to catch some forwards.
I tought I lost it but I found it back in a backup and tought it might be a help with developers.

Its basicly does thesame as message logging. only for forwards. you can also block certain forwards with it from happaning.


amx_forwardlog start ALL: starts logging of ALL forwards.
amx_forwardlog start nospam: starts logging of forwards that dont spam.
amx_forwardlog start FORWARDNAME/ID: starts logging of this forward.
amx_forwardlog stop ALL: stops logging of ALL forwards.
amx_forwardlog stop FORWARDNAME/ID: stops logging of this forward.
amx_forwardlog block FORWARDNAME 1/0: block a forward
needs "ForwardBlocking.amxx" to be active
amx_forwardlog forwards: show all forward names
I recommand to not use amx_forwardlog start ALL since it will log every server_frame client_prethink etc.
Your console will be overwhelmed with messages and might crash.
use amx_forwardlog start nospam instead.

ForwardBlocking.amxx seems to crash the server sometimes, there is no need to run this, unless you need amx_forwardlog block FORWARDNAME

when you block a forward it will automaticly return "FMRES_SUPERCEDE"
else it will return "FMRES_IGNORED"

Do Not run this plugin on public servers since its quite heavy and only needed for developers etc.

Once again: Do not load ForwardBlocking if you do not need it, since it crashes the server somtimes. and I can't figure out why.

Most message will be printed in the SERVERS console.
and in amxmodx/logs/forwards.log

Use at your own risk.

Happy coding,

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